The information contained in these manuals and training materials are subject to change.  All information is based on currently available processes, but may be revised due to changes in the ERP interface design requirements. 

1 IFB JOB AID v21.2 Published 10.6.20Invitation for Bid (1)NAEnd Users
2 A JOB AID RFP - Technical v21.1 Published 10.15.20Request for Proposal (2)NAEnd Users
2 B JOB AID RFP Pricing v20.5 Published 04.01.20Request for Proposal (2)NAEnd Users
Vendor Instruction to Submit PricingRequest for Proposal (2)NAEnd Users
Vendor Instruction to Submit Technical ProposalsRequest for Proposal (2)NAEnd Users
3 JOB AID Leasing ALT-NON RFI v20.2 Published 03.12.2020Real Estate Leasing (3)NAEnd Users
3 JOB AID Leasing RFI v20.3 Published 03.09.2020Real Estate Leasing (3)NAEnd Users
Alt Non-RFI Real Estate Leasing Real Estate Leasing (3)GoldTrainer
Real Estate LeasingReal Estate Leasing (3)GoldTrainer
4 JOB AID Emergency Extension v20.2 Published 03.09.2020Emergency (4)NAEnd Users
4 JOB AID Emergency v20.2 Published 03.09.2020Emergency (4)NAEnd Users
4 JOB AID Publish Emergency Final Cost v20.2 Published 03.09.2020.docEmergency (4)NAEnd Users
5 Job Aid Sole Source v20.3 Published 03.09.2020Sole Source (5)NAEnd Users
Job Aid State Use v1.1State Use (6)NAState User
7 Job Aid No Cost - Farm Lease - Concession v20.1 Published 03.18.2020No Cost, Farm Leases and Concessions (7)NAEnd Users
8 Job Aid QBS V1.0Quality Based Selection (8)NATrainer
ExampleRequest for Information (9)GoldState User
PresentationRequest for Information (9)GoldTrainer
RFI Example v1.1Request for Information (9)GoldTrainer
RFI System Manual v1.1Request for Information (9)GoldTrainer
10 JOB AID Small Purchase $10,000 and Above Job Aid v21.1 Published 9.30.20Small Purchase (10)NAEnd Users
10 JOB AID Small Purchase Under $10,000 v21.2 Published 9.30.20Small Purchase (10)NAEnd Users
Example - Enhanced ROM Signed PORelease Off Masters (12)GoldTrainer
Job Aid Enhanced ROM (DIRECT)Release Off Masters (12)GoldTrainer
Job Aid ROM ICIRelease Off Masters (12)NATrainer
PresentationRelease Off Masters (12)GoldTrainer
13 Job Aid Material Change Order - Contract Change Order v21.1 Published 9.30.20Change Order on a PO (13)NAEnd Users
13 Job Aid Material Change Order- Contract Amendment v20.1 Published 03.09.2020Change Order on a PO (13)NAEnd Users
13 Job Aid Non-Material Change Order v20.1 Published 03.09.2020Change Order on a PO (13)NAEnd Users
14 JOB AID Renewal v20.2 03.25.2020Renewals (14)NAEnd Users
Exempt Notice v1.5General Notice (15)NATrainer
Job Aid Exempt Notice - Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act v1.0General Notice (15)NAEnd Users
Job Aid General Notice - CPO-GS v1.3General Notice (15)GoldTrainer
Instructor's GuideApprover Only (16)CopperTrainer
PowerpointApprover Only (16)CopperState User
Process ManualApprover Only (16)CopperState User
Quick Reference GuideApprover Only (16)CopperState User
Instructor's GuideGeneral Navigation (17)CopperTrainer
PresentationGeneral Navigation (17)GoldTrainer
PresentationGeneral Navigation (17)GoldTrainer
Process ManualGeneral Navigation (17)CopperState User
System Manual General Navigation v1.2General Navigation (17)GoldTrainer
Instructor's GuideIntroduction (18)NAEnd Users
PresentationIntroduction (18)GoldTrainer
BidBuy Quick OverviewGeneral Training (19)NATrainer
General Training ManagementGeneral Training (19)NATrainer
General Training Sign-In TemplateGeneral Training (19)GoldTrainer
Presentation - What is BidBuy?General Training (19)NATrainer
Req, Bid, PO Status SlidesGeneral Training (19)GoldEnd Users
Training Sign-InGeneral Training (19)GoldTrainer
Training SurveyGeneral Training (19)NATrainer
Business Intelligence ReportsBusiness Intelligence (20)GoldTrainer
Business Intelligence System Manual v1.2Business Intelligence (20)GoldTrainer
Custom Column Data MapBusiness Intelligence (20)NAState User
Job Aid Nov Assign Non SAPNovations and Assignments (27)NAEnd Users
Job Aid Nov Assign SAP v20.1Novations and Assignments (27)NAEnd Users
BEP Training PesentationBusiness Enterprise Program (29)GoldTrainer
Job Aid BEPBusiness Enterprise Program (29)NAEnd Users
Contract Lookup Job AidConstitutional/Municipal/Other Agencies (31)GoldTrainer
Requisition Item Upload Guide v1Requisition Item Upload (32)GoldTrainer
Requisition Item Upload TemplateRequisition Item Upload (32)GoldTrainer
33 JOB AID Legacy Contract Upload v20.2 Published 05.14.2020Contract QA Load (33)NAEnd Users
Bulk Item Upload Process OutlineContract QA Load (33)GoldTrainer
Bulk Item Upload TemplateContract QA Load (33)GoldTrainer
NIGP Codes v1.1Contract QA Load (33)GoldTrainer
Appendix A UOM v.2.0Appendices (37)NATrainer
Appendix C - Custom Columns v1.2Appendices (37)GoldTrainer
Appendix D BidBuy Accounting Manual v1.1Appendices (37)NATrainer
Appendix E Actions v3.0Appendices (37)NATrainer
BI Reportnig Reference and Definition sheetBusiness Intelligence (20)NATrainer