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BI Module Training
Preliminary - Competitive Solicitation - July 14, 2016
Statewide Approvals - July 11, 2017
Direct Release of Master Reference
Business Enterprise Program (BEP) within BidBuy

May 3, 2017
December 1, 2016
September 22, 2016

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5/24/2018Action Guidance & Hiding the Bid Holders ListWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
6/14/2018Adding Sole Source Vendors & Exempt ProcurementsWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
3/15/2018Adding Vendors to a SolicitationWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
2/8/2018Adding Vendors to Bids and Registration FormsWebinar Recording (YouTube)PowerPoint
6/28/2018Administrative Reports - Expiring Contracts and New Special Procurement TypesWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
1/11/2018Agency MeetingWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
4/20/2017Agency Training Program ReadinessWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
3/1/2018AmendmentsWebinar Recording (YouTube)PowerPoint
10/25/2018Appendices Review, UPP ResourcesWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
11/8/2018Appendices Update, UPP UpdateWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
4/27/2017Approval Paths and DeactivationWebinar RecordingPowerpoint
12/6/2018Attaching Signed Contract, Appendices Update, IFB & RFP updates, ICI InformationWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
12/1/2016AttachmentsWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
12/14/2017Attachments & Contract LoadWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
7/12/2018Attachments, Hide Bid Holder List & Bid TabulationWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
11/30/2017Attachments: The Signed PO & Confidential AttachmentsWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
1/3/2019Awarding to Multiple VendorsPowerpoint
10/20/2016BidBuy & The Fiscal OfficeWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
5/18/2017BidBuy and the Procurement FileWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
7/3/2018BidBuy/ERP Interface TrainingWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
5/3/2018Bulletin/SAMS number and Shipping AddressesWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
7/20/2017Cancelling a Published BidWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
12/17/2018Cons. Training Day 1Webinar Recording (YouTube)Word - Schedule
12/18/2018Cons. Training Day 2Webinar Recording (YouTube)Word - Schedule
2/2/2017Creating a Training PlanWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
4/12/2018Cross Posting in IPB & Verifying Available Date in IPB and BidBuyWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
12/28/2017Cross-Posting Solicitations in the IPB & Troubleshooting BidBuyWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
8/17/2017Debrief - Direct Release Off Master - Multiple Vendors Practice ExerciseWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
8/10/2017Direct Release Off Master ContractWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
10/5/2017Direct Release Off Master Contract, ROM Job Aid and Procurement Justification FormsWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
4/5/2018Editing a Line Item on a Release, Chart of Communication Flow, and Verifying Vendors When AddingWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
8/14/2018End User Training: Release off MasterWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
5/10/2018Entering Renewal Data, Confidential, and Show to Vendor OptionsWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
12/20/2018Exempt Notice, Justification Form for ROMPowerpoint
1/11/2018Go Live Q & AWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
1/18/2018Go Live Q & AWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
5/11/2017Go Live, Agency Preparedness and Vendor SupportWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
11/16/2017Legacy Contract EntryWebinar Recording (YouTube)Word
6/21/2018Legacy Contract Entry, Small Business Set Aside Program Updates, & Training Material UpdatesWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
3/29/2018Legacy Contract Load & Adding Vendors When RebiddingWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
12/29/2016Manually Adding ApprovalsWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
5/4/2017Master Contracts and Obligations Without AIS InterfaceWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
11/9/2017Monthly Agency MeetingWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
11/2/2017Multiple Shipping/Billing Address, ROM - Vendors and ROM - IT ProcurementsWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
6/7/2018New Address Option, Setting a Proxy, Hide Bid Holder ListWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
6/29/2017Non-Material Change OrdersWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
6/1/2017Notice of Award (NOA)Webinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
10/3/2017October Agency MeetingWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
7/13/2017PPB Waiver RequestsWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
12/7/2017Print Format, PO Vendor Email and Short DescriptionsWebinar Recording (YouTube)Powerpoint
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