Solicitation and Contract Templates and Forms

Procurement Requirements at a Glance v.22.1.docx

Attachment - Notice of Electronic Submission Only v.22.1.pdf

Notice of Award Form v.22.2.pdf

CMS Procurement Justification Form V.18.3.pdf

Procurement Method Templates

IFB V.20.1.docx

ITRP Project IFB v.21.1.doc

RFP Template V.20.1.docx

P and A RFP Template V.20.1.docx

Vendor Forms

Forms A Section V.18.1.docx

Forms B Section V.20.1.docx

Financial Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest V.15.2.docx

Standard Certifications V.18.1.docx

Standard Terms and Conditions v.20.1.pdf

Contract Templates

Stand Alone Contract Template V.18.2.docx

BOA under $50K V.18.2.docx

BOA over $50K V.18.2.docx


Contract Renewal V.15.2.docx

Certification of No Change for Contract Renewal V.15.2.docx

Change in Certification Status for Multi-Year Contractors and Subcontractors V.21.1.pdf

Good Faith Effort Contract Renewal Waiver and Concurrence V.22.2.pdf

Small Purchase

Small Business Set-Aside Program Waiver Request V.16.1.pdf

Small Purchase with Sole Source Conditions v.22.1.pdf

Sole Source

Sole Source Justification Form​ (PPB Form)

Sole Source Hearing Details Form V.22.2.pdf


Emergency Notice of Hearing v.22.1.doc

Emergency Purchase Statement v.22.2.pdf

Emergency Purchase Extension v.22.2.pdf

Emergency Purchase Final Cost and Term v.22.2.pdf

Amendment/Change Order

Contract Amendment V.15.2.docx

Change Order Notice V.22.1.pdf

Change Order Justification Form V.19.1.pdf

Real Estate Leasing

RFI Template v.19.1.docx

Lease Renewal V.21.1.docx

SPO Determination of Qualifying Responses V.19.1.pdf

Notice of Award Leasing v.22.1.pdf

Additional/Miscellaneous Forms (in alphabetical order)

Brand Name Only Specification Form V.22.1.pdf

Conflict of Interest Review and Determination Form (PPB Form).pdf

Late Execution Waiver Attestation of Facts v.21.1.pdf

Notice of Contract Pursuant to the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act Form V.19.1.pdf

Pre-Submission Conference Sign-in Sheet v.20.1.pdf

Procurement Code Exempt Contracts Form V.19.1.xls

Ratification Request V.22.1.pdf

Request for and Determination of Non-responsive or Not Responsible Form 20220120 v.22.1.pdf

Statement of Compliance, Confidentiality, and Conflict of Interest form v.22.1.pdf

BEP Forms

Utilization Plan Version 21.0 (4.12.2021).pdf (CEI Form)

Goal Facilitation Form v.22.2.pdf

Good Faith Effort Contract Renewal Waiver and Concurrence V.22.2.pdf


Non-Usage_AFR_16 (1).doc