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On August 9, 2017, Governor Rauner enacted Public Act 100-043 which provides a number of measures designed to make state procurement more efficient and business-friendly, while maintaining the accountability, transparency, and ethical requirements that accompanied sweeping procurement reform in 2010.

The Chief Procurement Office for General Services has provided several training classes on the legislation to state agencies and procurement staff.  If you have questions about the legislation, please call the CPO's central office at 217.558.2231.

Overview of PA 100 0043 August 22 2017.pdfOverview of PA 100 0043 August 22 2017.pdf


State agencies use BidBuy to advertise solicitation opportunities, evaluate bids, and publish contract awards.  For state agencies under the jurisdiction of the CPO for General Services, it is the State’s primary solution for sourcing and placing orders from vendors.  BidBuy replaces the previous Illinois Procurement Bulletin (www.purchase.state.il.us) and links directly with the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG).

Vendor Registration – Registration is open allowing vendors to create and manage their business’ information; there is no cost to register in BidBuy 

Full Procurement – All State agencies are using BidBuy

Local municipalities can search for available contracts using BidBuy's search feature.

How to Register in BidBuy if you have a valid registration in the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG)

NOTE:  If you have a valid Illinois Procurement Gateway registration number and expiration date, you will also receive instructions via email to login and activate your BidBuy account and complete your registration.

1.       Watch the demo “How to Register in BidBuy for Illinois Procurement Gateway Vendors Only” at


2.       Download the manual  “BidBuy IPG Vendor Manual” at


3.       Have Login ID and temporary password received in an email from BidBuy.

4.       To complete your registration, go to https://www.bidbuy.illinois.gov/bso/

5.       Click on “Complete Registration” to begin.


Springfield, IL - The way that vendors may submit disclosures and certifications as part of the procurement process has changed in important ways.  Since May 12, 2014, the Illinois Procurement Gateway (ipg.vendorreg.com) has accepted information from more than 8,000 individuals and businesses that are interested in obtaining a state contract. 

The Chief Procurement Office (CPO) reviews and approves vendor registrations.  Once the CPO approves an application, it notifies the vendor that their unique registration number with expiration date is approved for use in lieu of corresponding paperwork when responding to solicitations.  An IPG registration minimizes the risk that the State will disqualify a vendor for administrative errors at the time of bid opening.  The portal also creates an electronic company record that may be updated at any time from an internet connection.

Training in the use of the IPG is available for vendors upon request.  There is no fee to vendors for training or registering in the IPG.


The Chief Procurement Office reminds vendors of the prohibition on political contributions found in Section 50-37 of the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500/50-37).  We encourage every vendor to be familiar with this section of the Code and to seek legal advice as to how this section affects your company.

Please note, in most cases contributions to the Governor and Lieutenant Governor as well as all other declared candidates for those offices are prohibited.  In addition, contributions made by entities and persons affiliated with your business are also prohibited.  For more information about which entities and persons are considered affiliated with your business, please see the Business Registration FAQ available on the State Board of Elections website at http://www.elections.il.gov/InfoForBusinesses.aspx or the Illinois Procurement Code at Section 50-37 (30 ILCS 500/50-37) available on the General Assembly's website at http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs3.asp?ActID=532&ChapterID=7.

If you are unsure whether the prohibition on political contributions applies to your business, please refer to the Illinois Procurement Code at Section 50-37 available on the General Assembly's website at http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs3.asp?ActID=532&ChapterID=7.

Finally, please note if a vendor is found to violate this prohibition, all contracts between State agencies and that vendor are voidable.  If a vendor violates this prohibition 3 or more times within a 36-month period, then all contracts between State agencies and that vendor are void.

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