NTIA Connecting Minority Communities Pilot Program

What: The Connecting Minority Communities Pilot Program seeks to expand educational instruction and remote learning opportunities, spur economic development, and create opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship by building the digital capacity of eligible institutions and furthering broadband access, adoption, and digital skills within those institutions and in their surrounding anchor communities. Awardees can use the federal funding for the purchase of broadband internet access service or eligible equipment, or to hire and train information technology personnel; to facilitate educational instruction and learning, including through remote instruction; to operate a minority business enterprise (MBE); or to operate a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Potential Applicants: A historically Black college or university (HBCU); a tribal college or University (TCU); a minority-serving institution (MSI); or a consortium that is led by a HBCU, TUC, or MSI that includes: a) an MBE; or b) an organization described in section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS code of 1986 and is exempt from tax under section 501(a). An eligible recipient must also be in an “anchor community,” defined by not being more than 15 miles from a HBCU, TCU, or MSI; and has an estimated median annual household income of not more than 250% of the poverty line. A consortium is eligible for a grant under this program if it is led by an eligible institution as defined above.

How Much: $500,000 - $3,000,000

Deadline: December 1, 2021

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