Economic Recovery Corps Program

What: The U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) is providing funding for a Network Operator (an organization or coalition) to build, launch, and operate the Economic Recovery Corps Program, which will embed Fellows in local economic development organizations across the country. The Network Operator is to recruit and place at least 50 Fellows in economic development organizations in underserved communities throughout the nation. These Fellows will provide technical assistance, enabling underserved communities to better access funding and participate in economic development initiatives through preparation, training, and implementation support. Applicants will also study, organize, and disseminate information, data, and analysis to accelerate the adoption of future-focused economic development principles and practices.

Potential Applicants:

  • District organizations;
  • Indian Tribes or a consortium of Indian Tribes;
  • States, counties, cities, or other political subdivisions of a State; including a special purpose unit of a State or local government engaged in economic or infrastructure development activities, or a consortium of political subdivisions; 
  • Institutions of higher education or a consortium of institutions of higher education; or
  • Public or private non-profit organization or association, including labor unions, acting in cooperation with officials of a political subdivision of a State.

How Much: A Network Operator will work collaboratively with EDA in a 5-year cooperative agreement. The award—ranging from $20 million to $25 million—will be allocated by September 30, 2022.

Deadline: August 5, 2022

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