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DCEO Grant Opportunities

Grant ​Description
FY23 Small Business Grant Programs​Application Deadline: 10/11/2022: The State of Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) seeks a grantee(s) to implement and administer the Back to Business (B2B) program. The program was previously under CSFA 420-00-2452, but was broken off and given a new CSFA due to it being ARPA funded. The associated NOSA for this CSFA remains in CSFA 420-00-2452. A successful grantee will be required to provide businesses access to grants through funding rounds designed by the Department under the BIG/B2B program. Note that this will entail receiving what could be tens of thousands of applications including applications in other languages, reviewing them, and processing and providing up to 10,000 or more grants to small businesses in compliance with state and federal funding requirements.
​Illinois Meat & Poultry Supply Chain Capital Grant ProgramApplication Deadline: 12/31/2023: This program will provide capital grants to eligible meat processing companies to expand production capacity in Illinois. This may include establishing new facilities or expanding the scale and/or scope of production of existing facilities.
CDBG Economic Development ProgramApplication Deadline: Rolling: The Economic Development component funds are available on an as-needed basis throughout the year to all eligible applicants meeting program component requirements until all funds allocated to this component have been distributed. All awards in this category are predicated upon project feasibility and a demonstrated need for funds. Only projects that create and/or retain permanent jobs will be funded. Projects should attract sizable private investment, have solid commitments to create or retain permanent jobs and demonstrate financial feasibility and benefit to low-to-moderate income persons.
CDBG Disaster Response ProgramApplication Deadline: Rolling: This program is designed for communities experiencing an imminent and urgent threat to public health and safety as indicated by a disaster declaration by the Governor of the State of Illinois.
Connect Illinois Broadband Grant ProgramApplication Deadline: Rolling: Support broadband deployment to expand and strengthen existing broadband network infrastructure, health information technology, telemedicine, distance learning, and public safety. 
Business Attraction Prime Sites Application Deadline: Rolling: Large-scale capital investment projects that commit significant job creation for Illinois residents as they relocate or expand operations within Illinois. Grants may include infrastructure and capital equipment purchases.


Federal Grant Opportunities


U.S. Department of Energy Inclusive Energy Innovation PrizeApplication Deadline: 2/25/2023:  The U.S. Department of Energy aims to fund organizations for ongoing and/or proposed activities related to climate and clean energy that support, build trust, and strengthen relationships and partnerships with disadvantaged communities. The Inclusive Energy Innovation prize seeks to enable and enhance business and technology incubation, acceleration, and other community-based and university-based entrepreneurship and innovation in climate and clean energy technologies.
EDA Economic Development RNTAApplication Deadline: Rolling: Designed to leverage existing regional assets and support the implementation of economic development strategies that advance new ideas and creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities.