Executive Personnel


Director’s Office

Erin Guthrie

Assistant Director
Michael Negron

Chief Operating Officer (Acting)
Travis March

General Counsel
Michelle Masoncup

Real Estate and Tax Incentive Admin.
Mike Pomerantz

Policy Development, Planning and Research
Jason Horwitz

Media Relations Director
Lauren Huffman

Head of Special Projects
Margaret Croke


Program Offices

Illinois Office of Broadband
Matt Schmit

Illinois Office of Business Development
Justin Heather

Illinois Office of Community Assistance
David Wortman

Illinois Office of Community Development
Wendy Bell

Illinois Office of Employment & Training
Julio Rodriguez 

Illinois Office of Entrepreneurship Innovation & Technology
Kristi Dula

Illinois Film Office
Peter Hawley

Illinois Office of Minority Economic Empowerment

Illinois Office of Regional Economic Development
Jonathan McGee

Illinois Office of Tourism
Karla Flannery

Illinois Office of Trade & Investment
Margo Markopoulos


Administrative Offices

Chief Accountability Officer
Kimbery Hill

Chief Financial Officer
Phil Keshen

Chief Information Officer
Julio C. Rodriguez

EO Compliance

External Relations
Karina Rosado

Grants Management
David Parr

Management Operations
Brian Collins

Human Resources
Melina Tomaras-Collins

Internal Audit
Nicholas Barnard

Legislative Affairs

Candyce Thompson

Department of Commerce Organizational Chart