Executive Personnel

Director’s Office

Deputy Governor
Director (Acting) 
Leslie Munger

Assistant Director (Acting)
Amberly Zwiener

Chief Operating Officer
Jared Walkowitz

Chief of Staff
Anthony Esposito

General Counsel
Justin Heather

Media Relations Director


Program Offices

Illinois Office of Business Development
Vic Narusis

Illinois Office of Community Assistance
Leslie DeVore

Illinois Office of Community Development
David Wortman

Illinois Office of Employment & Training
Julio Rodriguez 

Illinois Office of Entrepreneurship Innovation & Technology
Robert Kerr

Illinois Film Office
Christine Dudley

Illinois Office of Minority Economic Empowerment
Derrick Champion

Illinois Office of Regional Economic Development
Philip Pulliam

Illinois Office of Tourism
Cory Jobe

Illinois Office of Trade & Investment
Margo Markopoulos

Illinois Office of Urban Assistance


Administrative Offices

Chief Accountability Officer
Robert Williams

Chief Financial Officer
Travis March

Chief Information Officer

Chief Internal Auditor
Natalie Covello

Equal Opportunity Monitoring & Compliance
Miguel Calderon

Grants Management (Acting)
Robert Williams

Human Resources (Acting)
Jake Altman

Legislative Affairs
Brad Tietz

Management Operations
Bonnie Van Tholen

External Relations
Anne Madonia

Rick Rogers


Department of Commerce Organizational Chart