The NEU Portal

NEUs will have through September 30, 2021 to enter their details in the NEU portal. After that date the NEU’s allocation will be surrendered and allocated on a per-capita basis to responsive NEUs.  The portal is now closed. To receive an up-front allocation from the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery (“CLFR”) Fund, NEUs must provide the required information in the portal by this date.

On November 19, 2021 unclaimed NEU funds were reallocated to all eligible communities. Please visit the 1st Tranche Payment Data page for details.

Tips on Portal Completion (read this to get your money faster!)

  • Portal registration requires uploading 2 separate Federal files.
  • Each entity must read, complete all sections of each signature page and have the entity’s authorized representative sign before uploading a copy to the NEU Portal.
  • Try to avoid the most common portal mistakes:
    • Unsigned document file uploaded
    • Primary contact signed documents instead of authorized representative
    • Uploading the same file for both Assurances and Terms & Conditions
    • Omitting entity information on Terms & Conditions (box on top of signature page) 

Need help? 

"How-To" presentation on portal use

Contact the NEU Team: