Utility Rates

The links below lead to files, one for municipalities and one for townships/precincts, that grantees can use to assist in determining the water or sewer rate that the Department will use in scoring applications and ultimately, the rate that must be charged to receive a Community Development Block Grant.

The income data is from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 American Community Survey. The two leftmost columns give the unit of general local government (UGLG) and the associated annual median household income (MHI); the next two columns give the same information for the UGLG’s county. The right column provides the monthly utility rate that the Department will require. The value is one percent of the lower of the UGLG’s MHI or the County’s MHI. (Annual MHI/12 months/year * 0.01) The community’s rate for 5,000 gallons of usage in a month must be greater than this amount. For a water project only the water rate will be reviewed; for a sewer project only the sewer rate will be reviewed.