Applicant Update

Applicant Update

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and strain it has placed upon our communities and broadband service providers alike, the Illinois Office of Broadband is taking the following actions to assist applicants:


  • Application deadline extension; new deadline of 5pm on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

  • As the deadline approaches, direct any last-minute questions to or 773-497-3001.

  • Streamlined budget template; we are not seeking any additional information, but hope this version assists broadband grant program applicants and administrators alike. Applicants can submit either the original or updated budget template.

  • Please use this list of Eligible Expenses to guide preparation of your budget

  • Applicant affidavit; the witness signature can be provided by another authorized official within the applicant organization

  • Local government resolutions; in lieu of formal resolutions, we will accept electronic letters of support from board chairs, council presidents, etc. The local government is expected to pass a resolution at its next meeting, though, and the Office of Broadband will seek to confirm this action.

  • Should email server file size restrictions apply, please submit your application to and confirm your submittal to

  • Disregard the “Vendor Number” line within the “Application Packet”.


We recognize the hard work many applicants have invested in this grant process, the urgent need for better broadband access throughout the state, and the mounting challenges impacting nearly every aspect of our daily lives. For these reasons, we want to ensure that applications underway have an opportunity to be completed – and we want to help those eager to extend critical connectivity throughout un/underserved areas of the state make as much progress toward this end as soon as possible.


Thanks for your continued interest in Connect Illinois!