EDGE Agreements

The Department is committed to transparency in its business incentive programs. On this page, you may find basic information about EDGE incentive agreements. This page currently shows agreements signed since January 20, 2015. To view an agreement, click on the company name.

The Department posts information about EDGE incentive awards within ten business days of execution of the EDGE agreement. In certain circumstances for agreements signed prior to May 1, 2017, EDGE incentive recipients may be engaged in confidential negotiations associated with their relocation or expansion within Illinois. In those cases, information about the EDGE incentive will not be posted on this page until after the confidential negotiations have concluded. Public disclosure of a project prior to the conclusion of related negotiations may negatively impact such negotiations, and thus several EDGE agreements signed prior to May 1, 2017 do not yet appear on this page.

Please note the following details:

  • Agreements with two asterisks (**) were commitments made under the previous administration that were honored and executed by the current administration.
  • A strikethrough of a company name indicates the Department terminated the agreement after the company elected to locate its project in another state.
  • Agreements executed since September 18, 2017, are subject to P.A. 100-0511, which require the Department to list whether the EDGE project site is located in an underserved area. Only those projects subject to the changes in P.A. 100-0511 are identified as being within or outside of an underserved area.

Information Guide

  • The “Company Name” column indicates the company that signed the agreement. In some cases, more than one company may be a party to the agreement. For example, an agreement might include a parent corporation and a specific affiliate of that corporation. To view all parties to the agreement, click on the company name in the table and review the file.
  • The “Date Executed” column indicates when the Department signed the agreement.
  • The “Project Location” column indicates where the project incentivized by the agreement will be located.
  • The “New Employee Jobs Target” column states the minimum number of “New Employee” jobs (as defined in the agreement) that must be created and maintained in order for the company to be eligible for any tax credits.
  • The “Retained Employee Jobs Target” column states the minimum number of “Retained Employee” jobs (as defined in the agreement) that must retained in order for the company to be eligible for any tax credits. If the column shows “0”, that means the company does not receive credits for any Retained Employee positions.
  • The “Estimated Value of the Credit” column states an estimate of the amount of the tax credits that could be awarded to the company over the life of the agreement, assuming the company fulfills the obligations set forth in the agreement.
  • The “Located in an Underserved Area” column indicates whether the EDGE project location is in an Underserved Area, as that term is defined in the EDGE statute and rules.


Company Name Date Executed Project Location  New Employee Jobs Target Retained Employee Jobs Target Estimated Value of Credit
Located in Underserved Area? (y/n)
Aarete LLC12/27/2016Chicago100$270,000
Abrasive Form, LLC12/29/2016Bloomingdale, West Chicago, Glendale Heights, and Elgin880$1,815,000
Abt Electronics, Inc. Trebo1, LLC8/6/2018Glenview1200$1,292,883
Accel Entertainment, Inc.4/29/2017Burr Ridge, Lemont, and Woodridge650$1,117,500
Acquirent, LLC4/30/2017Evanston250


Active Campaign, LLC3/20/2017Chicago1000$2,996,250
Aeris Communications, LLC6/30/2016Chicago500$1,407,187
AFN LLC10/29/2015Niles700$1,575,000
Ahead LLC4/8/2016Chicago250$703,125
Ahkan Semiconductor, Inc.**12/28/2016Gurnee540$2,197,489
Aisin Light Metals**12/8/2015Marion2596$497,100
Akorn, Inc.7/22/2015Decatur250$262,500
Akuna Capital, LLC7/27/2015Chicago100$450,000
Aldi Inc.**3/18/2015Batavia500$720,000
Alta Equipment Company8/17/2015Calumet City300$646,875
Amazon.com.dedc, LLC / Aurora12/15/2016Aurora12000$12,899,250
Amazon.com.dedc, LLC / Joliet7/22/2016Joliet35000$42,000,000
Amazon.com.dedc, LLC / Monee12/15/2016Monee25000$27,825,937
AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc.11/3/2016Woodridge300$843,750
Amtab Manufacturing, Corp.12/28/2016Melrose Park250$326,250
Antolin Interiors USA Inc Nashville4/29/2017Nashville650$897,000
AutoZone, Inc.9/30/2016Danville300$393,750
AveXis, Inc.6/18/2018Libertyville and Bannockburn1000$3,088,852
A.W. Faber-Castell Cosmetics, LLC9/11/2018Elgin500$507,833
Ball Horticultural Company12/19/2016West Chicago250$696,375
BCI Acrylic Bath Systems, Inc.8/28/2015Libertyville350$417,939
Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc.**4/21/2016Effingham300$823,118
Bell Flavors and Fragrances, Inc.1/12/2016Lindberg and Northbrook250$805,078
Belvedere Holdings LP4/27/2017Chicago250$1,081,125
Bob's Discount Furniture**4/15/2015Shorebood880$1,096,050
Bold Insight,Inc.7/19/2018DuPage County100$575,145
Brose Belvidere, Inc.12/30/2016Belvidere800


Brunswick Corporation12/22/2016Franklin Park, Rosemont, and Mettawa500$1,078,125
Bystronic, Inc.7/19/2018Hoffman Estates500$634,750
Cabworks Custom Elevator, LLC12/27/2016Chicago50$129,737
CAD Trailer Designs, LLC12/28/2016Illiopolis230$402,209
Capital One Financial Corporation**4/8/2015Chicago210900$20,790,376
Carl Buddig and Company3/2/2018Montgomery2500$3,873,500
CDC Logistics, LLC** 5/6/2015Wilmington1152$713,623
CDW Corporation**3/13/2015Vernon Hills and Lincolnshire1501000$16,322,756
Chicago Ornamental Iron8/28/2015Riverdale50$70,200
CLHC Partners, LLC4/26/2017Chicago490$1,747,500
Coates US Inc.2/18/2018Chicago570$820,473
ConAgra Foods, Inc.9/29/2015South Beloit and Chicago1500$10,521,619
ContextMedia Health, LLC12/16/2016Chicago1750$6,079,631
Cortland Capital Market Services, LLC4/13/2018Chicago420$890,987
Crawford Labratories, Inc.**4/13/2015Chicago531$308,408
CSL Behring LLC12/31/2016Bradley250$570,000
Dealer Inspire12/30/2016Naperville250$515,625
David S. Smith (Holdings) America, Inc.4/29/2017Romeoville250$382,575
Delicate Plastics, Inc.4/1/2016Rockford750$764,297
Depomed, Inc.7/2/2018Lake Forest500$1,720,125
Destiny Health, Inc.11/17/2015Chicago700$1,351,875
Diamond Technigal Services, Inc. **5/6/2015Bollingbrook5240$1,504,687
Discover Financial Services12/21/2016Riverwoods700$2,811,000
DivvyMed, LLC11/16/2016Moline750$1,391,760
Dynamic Motion Control, Inc.8/28/2018Chicago250$367,292
Dynamics Resources, Inc.8/14/2018Vernon Hills50$106,980
eBay Inc.**12/11/2015Chicago216140$15,942,898
Elkay Manufacturing Company12/10/2016Lisle250$815,558
Ensono LP11/3/2016Downers Grove600$2,722,500
EpiWorks, Inc.**12/23/2016Champaign800$1,648,875
Ethos Seafood Group, Inc.3/28/2018Hodgkins380$869,363
Fabrik Industries, Inc.12/12/2016McHenry250$278,250
Flex-N-Gate Chicago, LLC12/28/2016Cook County2860$3,716,325
Flex-N-Gate Plastics Corporation8/6/2018Danville1000$1,198,068
Flexport, Inc.4/29/2017Chicago1700


FNA Group, Inc.4/28/2017Lake County570$644,107
FONA International, Inc.10/10/2018Geneva220$572,868
Freeosk, Inc.4/27/2017Chicago50$112,500
G&W Electric Company3/2/2018Bolingbrook500$675,000
General Growth Services, Inc.4/28/2017Chicago250$1,417,845
Glassdoor , Inc.1/28/2016Chicago2400$6,300,000
GoPath Laboratories, LLC8/23/2016Buffalo Grove160$220,500
Haribo of America, Inc.12/16/2016Rosemont550$1,670,000
HARTING, Inc.10/11/2018Elgin500$1,534,645
HC Technologies4/21/2017Chicago50$75,000
Hickory Farms, LLC12/19/2016Chicago250$676,875
Hireology, Inc.7/23/2018Chicago250$464,063
HMF Express, LLC12/22/2016Elk Grove Village50$75,000
Holland LP9/28/2015University Park250$571,875
Hub Group12/27/2016Oak Brook1000$2,137,500
Ice Services, LLC4/19/2017Licolnshire240$464,994
IMC Americas, Inc.10/26/2016Chicago400$2,250,000
Kloeckner Metals Corporation**5/22/2015University  Park040$332,250
Knowles Corporation6/19/2015Itasca250$1,005,000
Koch Foods Incorporated12/29/2016Franklin Park2000$1,948,476
Koppers Inc.**4/6/2015Cicero25114$1,173,488
Kutchins, Robbins & Diamon, LTD12/27/2016Chicago6 0$123,000
Launch Digital Marketing, LLC12/30/2016Naperville250$515,075
LB Steel, LLC7/28/2015Harvey650$1,115,644
Legacy Food Service Companies, LLC12/29/2016Cook County2000$3,580,199
Living Royal, Inc7/9/2018Wheeling550$699,267
Marquis Energy, LLC12/29/2016Bluffs500$1,147,500
Marquis, Inc.12/27/2016Hennepin1200$2,913,861
MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.12/6/2016Deerfield250$1,350,000
Mattoon Rural King Supply, Inc.12/27/2016Mattoon and Charleston900$1,445,625
Medefil, Inc.3/14/2016Glendale Heights380$1,131,943
Mid America Taping & Reeling12/29/2016Roselle150$135,000
MJW Holdings, LLC9/18/2018Chicago50$85,705
Nascote Industries Inc.12/13/2016Nashville500$726,715
Nutrivo, LLC4/27/2017Aurora490$666,461
Nu-Rock Technology USA12/23/2016Baldwin1000$1,856,250
NXT Capital, Inc.**  3/18/2015Chicago250$946,875
Old Mission Group, LLC12/12/2016Chicago70


Optimas OE Solutions, LLC4/15/2017Glenview and Wood Dale250$638,910
Options Clearing Corporation4/27/2017Chicago750$3,988,125
Origami Risk, LLC8/8/2018Chicago400$2,029,500
Ottawa Dental Laboratory LLC5/8/2018Ottawa150$167,418 
Paris Presents Incorporated9/28/2015Gurnee and Chicago250$606,731.25
Path Construction, Inc.12/19/2016Arlington Heights50$135,000
PCMI Corporation3/28/2018Park Ridge40$128,755
Peapod, LLC12/30/2016Chicago600$1,667,187
Pedigree Ovens Inc.9/30/2016Harvard880$985,910
Poettker Construction Company, Inc.4/28/2017Breese100$294,000
Premier Air Center, LLC12/27/2016East Alton750$1,582,890
Prescient Edge Holdings, LLC**3/18/2015Chicago600$1,519,319
Quest7 Manufacturing LLC3/19/2018Machesney Park100$110,593 
Radix Trading, Inc.11/16/2016Chicago230$862,500
Raging Wire Data Centers, Inc12/28/2016Itasca510$1,415,250
Raise Marketplace, Inc.**3/18/2015Chicago1000$1,869,375
Reed Elsevier, Inc.4/26/2016Evanston250$956,250
Remy Power Products, LLC12/27/2016McHenry250$675,000
rEvolution Marketing, LLC2/13/2018Chicago04$150,480N
Richelieu Foods, Inc.4/28/2017Wheeling2630$3,002,842
Rivian Automotive, LLC12/29/2016Normal10000$49,234,008
Robertshaw Controls Company**3/18/2015Itasca12113$1,273,950
Rockford Systems, LLC10/11/2018Rockford210$426,139
Roncadin, Inc.9/17/2018Wheeling210


Rukel Management, LLC**8/10/2015St. Charles150250$2,757,075
S&M Group, Inc.**5/29/2015Wood Dale50$78,750
Sage Products, Inc.11/14/2016McHenry County500$733,200
Saia Motor Freight Line, LLC**3/29/2016Grayslake550$1,193,375
SAP America Inc.7/25/2016Chicago1580$4,740,000
Scion Group Management, Inc.5/4/2016Chicago370$999,549
Semblex Corporation**3/18/2015Elmhurst25161$2,190,603
Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.12/11/2015Hoffman Estates300$756,416
Simplex Investments LLC5/14/2018Chicago40$149,500 
Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc.10/29/2015West Chicago250$328,125
Sky Chefs, Inc.4/14/2016Des Plaines1670$1,742,250
South Water Signs Corp.7/19/2016Elmhurst100$669,921
Stampede Meat, Inc. 2/29/2016Bedford Park250$315,300
St. Regis Manufacturing, LLC12/12/2016Itasca600


Sun Basket, Inc.12/22/2016Valmeyer2000$2,351,250
SWC Technology Partners, LLC1/20/2016Oak Brook and Chicago250$843,750
Sysco Chicago, Inc.4/29/2015Des Plaines250$703,125
Taurus Die Casting, LLC1/15/2016Rockford370$468,529
Tegus, Inc8/13/2018Chicago400$962,825
The Addison Group12/30/2016Schaumburg500$882,656
The Advisory Board Company9/3/2015Chicago550$2,640,083
The Cary Company8/15/2015Addison150$191,250
The Duracell Company6/22/2016Chicago350$1,849,116
The Edlong Corporation4/27/2017Elgin250$621,372
The Eli's Cheesecake Company**4/29/2015Chicago25234$665,437
Tower Automotive Operations USA I, LLC12/27/2016Chicago250$414,178
Transportation One, LLC and Teets Holding, Inc.7/23/2018Chicago200$242,550
TransUnion, LLC4/28/2017Chicago250$1,162,500
United Parcel Service, Inc.**12/27/2016Hodgkins and Bedford Park0500$1,006,275
United States Cold Storage, Inc.12/21/2016Minooka320$450,000
Vetter Chemical Manufacturing USA, LLC12/21/2016Des Plaines3000$9,064,587
Victory Park Capital Advisors, LLC4/27/2017Chicago200$281,250
Voestalpine Boehler Welding USA Technology, LLC12/29/2016Chicago Heights300$535,875
W.W. Grainger, Inc.8/19/2015Buffalo Grove, Minooka, and Chicago3000$6,848,550
Walker Sands7/31/2018Chicago150$271,688
Westfield Distributing N.D. Inc.**3/18/2015Decatur25115$1,121,328
Wiegel Tool Works, Inc.12/27/2016Bensenville and Wood Dale50$118,560
Wieland Holdings, Inc.7/13/2018Wheeling650$951,986 
Wild Parent, Inc. (Chicago)12/30/2016Chicago250$1,875,000
Wild Parent, Inc. (Gurnee)12/30/2016Gurnee  1000$1,116,375
Wise Plastics Technologies, Inc.**7/27/2015West Chicago3038$437,925
Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 4/26/2017Chicago120$751,248
Yanfeng USA Automotive Interior Systems I LLC




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