​Underserved Areas

Projects receiving EDGE credits, data center tax credits, and apprenticeship tax credits (effective January 1, 2020) are eligible to receive enhanced credits if they locate in an underserved area. In the map below, underserved areas are shaded in orange. Enter an address in the search box to find out if it is located in an underserved area.

Click here to download the GIS shapefile for Underserved Areas.

An “underserved area” is a census tract which meets one of the following four tests:

  • Poverty rate of at least 20%; or
  • 75% or more of the children in the area are eligible to participate in the federal free lunch or reduced-price meals program; or
  • At least 20% of the households in the area receive assistance under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); or
  • Average unemployment rate that is more than 120% of the national unemployment average, for a period of at least two (2) consecutive calendar years preceding the date of the application.

Underserved areas are updated to incorporate the most recent data in March of each year.