Governor Pritzker Announces Over $50 Million in Grants for Essential Infrastructure Projects

CHICAGO — Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) today announced $50.7 million in new infrastructure grants awarded to 34 communities, counties, and localities across Illinois for critical infrastructure projects including bridge replacement, water treatment upgrades, road construction projects and more. State funds will be met with $72.1 million in matching commitments for capital projects, which brings the total investment to nearly $123 million.

This funding is made possible by the Rebuild Illinois Public Infrastructure (RIPI) Capital Program, part of Governor Pritzker's historic, bipartisan capital program, Rebuild Illinois, and a key priority outlined in Illinois' 5-year economic plan, a blueprint to create economic growth. RIPI is one of several infrastructure programs created by the state to provide investment in aging infrastructure, as well as job opportunities for communities. In total, the Rebuild Illinois capital plan will be providing at least $3.3 billion in grants and programs for locals and businesses around the state.

"Every corner of Illinois deserves 21st century infrastructure - and Rebuild Illinois is the largest ever effort to get us there," said Governor JB Pritzker. "Modernizing major throughways that underpin our status at the nation's transportation hub is critical work, but so, too, is making the lives of working families easier. Rebuild Illinois proudly dedicates more than $3.3 billion to exactly that: renewing local roads, rebuilding sidewalks, and investing in the hubs of community life."

"Investing in our state's infrastructure through Rebuild Illinois is also an investment in communities so they can live, work, and be well," said Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton. "Not only will these projects improve communities' quality of life with critical infrastructure improvements, they will also uplift underserved areas by creating jobs as we continue to build a better, stronger Illinois for all."

"Through the Rebuild Illinois Public Infrastructure program, the state continues to advance capital investments that will bring growth and opportunity to communities across Illinois," said DCEO Director Sylvia I. Garcia. "In helping localities address their aging infrastructure needs, this program supports local economies by creating good paying construction jobs and improving the roads, bridges, and other public works that are critical to quality of life across our great state." 

"These investments in our state's infrastructure help us to rebuild a better Illinois and future for all," said House Speaker Emanuel "Chris" Welch. "As we work to address our aging infrastructure, we're also providing the opportunity for good-paying union jobs and continuing to help our economy recover. Most importantly, we're doing it all through the lens of equity so we can ensure our communities that have suffered from systemic disinvestment have the opportunity to grow and prosper along with the rest of Illinois." 

"Infrastructure sustains the state's commerce and trade industry, bolsters our economy, and makes disenfranchised communities more competitive and secure," said Senate Majority Leader Kimberly A. Lightford. "With an emphasis on resiliency and social impacts, these infrastructure grants will help reshape our local communities' critical infrastructure needs and help grow resources in which they rely on the most."

The projects, which are funded by capital grants, include replacement of a wooden water tower, a façade facelift for the Coronado Performing Arts Center, and ADA accessibility upgrades. It also includes road and bridge repairs, and capital upgrades for utilities, water treatment, and sewer systems. The grants range from $343,000 to $2 million in funding, with an average grant award of nearly $1.5 million.

Projects include:

GranteeProject DescriptionAmount
City of ArcolaSewer construction$1,906,062 
City of CarmiWater line and pressure reducing station replacement, and tank upgrades$1,795,000
City of GreenfieldSewer replacement$2,000,000
City of GreenvilleNew water treatment plant$2,000,000
City of LaconRoadway improvements$1,095,705 
City of LitchfieldUtility delivery improvements



City of Loves ParkWater main extension$1,480,730 
City of MacombWastewater treatment plant improvements$2,000,000
City of MorrisIndustrial Park roadway construction$2,000,000
City of North ChicagoInstallation of public utilities and roadway$2,000,000 
City of OlneyReplacement of storm sewer$2,000,000 
City of Rock FallsRoadway reconstruction$2,000,000 
City of RockfordRestoration of the Coronado Performing Arts Center facade$720,265 
City of Spring ValleySewer improvements$343,292
City of TolucaWater tower maintenance$500,000
City of VandaliaNew water tower treatment plant$2,000,000 
City of White HallWater system improvements$2,000,000 
LaSalle CountySoldier Pile Wall creation to mitigate slope failure and future flooding impact (Peru Township)



Pope CountyWater system improvements (Golconda)$2,000,000 
Pulaski CountyElevated water storage tank rehabilitation (Ullin)$485,000 
Shelby CountyExpansion of water treatment plant (Beecher City)$2,000,000 
Stephenson CountyRoad reconstruction$1,250,000
Village of AshlandReplacing sanitary sewer lift station$1,157,000 
Village of Big RockSewer project$1,966,593 
Village of BroadviewStreet roadway reconstruction, utility improvements and ADA crossings$574,005 
Village of Creve CoeurWesley Road reconstruction project



Village of DupoRoad improvements to Industrial Drive$1,462,464
Village of HillsideSewer improvements$2,000,000
Village of JusticeDrainage project$1,425,126 
Village of ManhattanDrainage improvements$725,000 
Village of MilledgevilleSanitary sewer improvements$600,000 
Village of New AthensRoadway improvements$515,000 
Village of New HollandConstruction of a Water tower, treatment plant and well$2,000,000 
Village of TiskilwaReplacement of four bridges$1,112,852


To date, a total of 74 projects and over $105 million in investments have been awarded through four programs under DCEO's infrastructure portion of Rebuild Illinois, including: Fast Track Public Infrastructure, Public Infrastructure, Regional Economic Development and Shovel Ready Sites. All applications were reviewed on a competitive basis.

Priority areas during the application process included job creation, critical infrastructure needs, locations in underserved areas, and project impact.

Check DCEO's website and follow us on social media @IllinoisDCEO for updates on future Rebuild Illinois programs.