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Grain Elevator Application Guidance

New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart DD, Standards of Performance for Grain Elevators. (Construction commenced after Aug 3, 1978)

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Illinois Administrative Code

Part 201: Permits And General Provisions

  • Note: Section 201.146 Exemptions from State Permit Requirements
    • s) Grain-handling operations, exclusive of grain-drying operations, with an annual grain through-put not exceeding 300,000 bushels;
    • t) Grain-drying operations with a total grain-drying capacity not exceeding 750 bushels per hour for 5% moisture extraction at manufacturer's rated capacity, using the American Society of Agricultural Engineers Standard 248.2, Section 9, Basis for Stating Drying Capacity of Batch and Continuous-Flow Grain Dryers;

      u) Portable grain-handling equipment and one-turn storage space;

    • bb) Feed mills that produce no more than 10,000 tons of feed per calendar year, provided that a permit is not otherwise required for the source


35 Illinois Administrative Code Part 212 Visible and Particulate Matter Emissions

Note the following sections:

  • 212.123
  • 212.301
  •  212.461
  •  212.462
  •  212.463


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