Rebuild Distressed Communities Program

Rebuild Distressed Communities is a $25 million economic recovery program to support economically distressed Illinois businesses and communities that have sustained property damage due to civil unrest on or after May 25th, 2020.

DCEO has partnered with two community organizations, Local Initiative Services Corporation (LISC) and Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, Inc. (CNI), to operate the program on behalf of DCEO.

Small Business Grants

The Rebuild Distressed Communities grant program will reimburse the cost of repairs for structural damages, including repairs to storefronts and entrances, improving electrical systems, and restoring exterior work. For work yet to be completed, LISC and CNI will partner with local contractors and pay for them to perform the work.

Businesses located in these zip codes are eligible to apply.  Businesses not listed in those zip codes may still be eligible if they operate in an economically distressed area and may apply to have their zip code included.

The program prioritizes small businesses, underinsured or uninsured businesses, businesses that have a high community impact – such as grocery stores – and businesses in communities that have experienced historic disinvestment.  The program also prioritizes the use of BEP-certified contractors, including minority- and women-owned businesses, to do the repair work. 

The department has awarded a first round of grants and a second round is being reviewed now. To view the list of businesses approved for a Round One grant, click here.

WHEN TO APPLY: Round 2 closed on February 5th.  Reviews are ongoing and the department is not currently accepting applications for small business grants. The small business grants phase of RDC is now closed.

MORE INFORMATION: The application and program details are available for interested applicants.  Información también esta disponible en español.

Corridor Improvements RFP

The State of Illinois and its community partners have released a Request for Proposals (RFP) making $10 million available for corridor improvement projects to address the ongoing needs of impacted communities.  

The Corridor Improvements for Rebuild Distressed Communities funding opportunity will support capital investment in commercial corridors that have experienced property damage. This will fund projects that will spark long-term economic growth while helping further support the economic recovery of small businesses affected by civil unrest.

Who should apply: DCEO and partners are calling on community based organizations in communities where businesses experienced damages due to civil unrest to apply – including, but not limited to nonprofits, local governments, business improvement districts, special service areas, and others. Project coverage is limited to the block (or blocks) that experienced property damage.  A project that includes blocks that did not experience property damage will still be considered to limit disruption to project continuity.  

All applicants must be in one of the eligible zip codes described above and demonstrate that the proposed improvements will support a location where businesses experienced property damage due to civil unrest during the relevant period on or after May 25, 2020. 

When to apply:  The RFP application is due by June 7th at 5p.m..

How to apply:  Eligibility, project requirements, the RFP and submission instructions, are available. Questions about the program may be directed to LISC at rdc_grant@lisc.org or CNI at rebuildgrant@cnigroup.org.

WEBINARS: LISC, CNI, and DCEO are hosting webinars to provide potential applicants with an overview of the Rebuild Distressed Communities grant opportunity, the grant application, and required documentation. 

Corridor Improvements RFP Informational Webinar.