Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP)

Located at the Illinois Department of Commerce, a non-regulatory agency, SBEAP provides free confidential information and services to help small businesses understand their environmental obligations.  Click here for our SBEAP program brochure.

For more information call 800.252.3998 or email

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SBEAP Services and Information Include:

Clean Air Clips:

A free, bimonthly environmental assistance newsletter

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Environmental Consultants:

A list of self-certified environmental consultants that can be searched by both location and the expertise the company provides. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity makes no attempt to qualify persons on the list nor does this list serve as an endorsement of any of the companies listed.

To be included in this list of consultants, click here.
We are currently retooling the program, however you may still submit an application to be included in the list. 

Contact Us:

For free confidential help with your environmental questions, contact the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program at 800.252.3998 or by e-mail at