Layoff Recovery, Trade, and WARN

Resources available for laid off workers, business going through a layoff, and information for workforce and education partners.

For Employers – learn how to file for a petition if your company may be impacted by trade and trade-related layoffs.

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
Notices of Layoffs and Plant Closures (WARN)

For Individuals – layoff recovery resources are available through a step-by-step guide and company specific layoff pages with information about current layoffs and resources available to assist workers.

Layoff Assistance Guide
Company-Specific Layoff Information

For Workforce and Education Partners – The Department of Commerce rapid response team works alongside LWDA's and other state and local partners to help businesses and workers impacted by a job layoff. Guidance and procedures for implementing layoff programs is available online. These resources provide procedures and guidance related to implementing TAA requirements in Illinois.

WARN Information
TAA Information