Welcome to The Illinois Film Office

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Welcome to The Illinois Film Office

Illinois is a world class destination for film, television and advertising production.  Check out our locations, from the beautiful, iconic Chicago skyline and 58 mile lakefront to the gritty back alleys and unique historic neighborhoods.  Illinois boasts breathtaking natural vistas, rivers, prairies, industrial centers, picturesque farmland and small towns seemingly frozen in time.

Illinois is home to a thriving film industry with a nationally renowned crew base, actors, and industry vendors.  Illinois offers a robust and sustainable 30% Film Tax Credit and is the only U.S. state to have a diversity provision as part of its tax credit.

Contact us for expert assistance on locations, housing, and tax credit to help make your creative vision a reality.  Visit us on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram for news about, and for the Illinois film community. 


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Illinois Film Office
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