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Office of Employee Services

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Consider a career in child welfare...
and the State of Illinois as your employer


For a list of current available vacancies click here.

If you are applying for a position that is not currently listed, please continue to check back often as new positions are added daily.


The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services offers several programs for college students to gain experience working in the child welfare field. For more information about our Academic Internship, University Partnership and Shadow programs, click here.


  • The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is the state agency charged with safeguarding the welfare of Illinois children. DCFS is a large, nationally recognized and respected child welfare agency.
  • The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services needs qualified candidates for full-time positions as caseworkers, investigators, attorneys, accountants, supervisors, managers, computer programmers and administrative professionals, bilingual applicants strongly encouraged
  • Central Management Services Division of Examining and Counseling administers several programs including the Accommodated Testing Program, Alternative Employment Program (AEP), and Successful Disability (SD) Opportunities Program for people with disabilities through the Disabled Workers Program. These programs help meet the directive required by P.A. 96-0078, effective July 24, 2009; which requires CMS and other state agencies to develop and implement programs to increase the number of qualified employees with disabilities working for the state.

    In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Illinois Human Rights Act, State agencies must ensure that the employment process is accessible to persons with disabilities. Specifically, these laws require that the State provide reasonable accommodations upon request by individuals participating in all steps of the employment process. For more information regarding any of the programs offered by the CMS Disabled Workers Program, please contact:
    CMS Disabled Workers Program Coordinator
    Springfield Assessment Center
    130 W. Mason Street
    Springfield, IL 62702
    217-524-1321 (Voice)  
  • Benefits include: continuing education programs; paid vacation, holidays and sick time; and a retirement/pension program. For more information, click here.
  • Choose from multiple job titles and statewide office locations
    Click on the map to see our locations 
  • Child and Family Services Intern (Trainee) positions may be available in select counties. Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree in social work; a related human service field, including any degree obtained in the field of education; a related criminal justice field OR a master’s degree in a related human service field or a related criminal justice field. No experience is necessary for this title. Vacancies will be posted at
  • Information on employment opportunities, job qualifications and application procedures, as well as the required employment application are available at


To be considered for a position within DCFS or to apply for any of the titles utilized by DCFS or other titles, you must have a qualifying grade from the Illinois Dept. of Central Management Services (CMS), the agency responsible for grading employment applications.

To apply for a grade for any of the DCFS titles identified, an Employment Application (CMS 100) is required. Various titles can be graded by application alone, other titles will require testing with the Department of Central Management Services. Clerical titles no longer require testing. Union-covered position titles at DCFS are graded and/or scored based upon the education and experience listed on the application and/or resumé. Each applicant must ensure that the application is completed in its entirety, including education and the selection of work county preference. CMS will only accept one title listed on an application. If you are interested in multiple titles, please fill out a separate application for each title.
Information provided on the CMS 100 is used to determine your eligibility for appointment to a State of Illinois position title.  Thus it is critical that all information requested be provided accurately and completely.  Omitted, incomplete or inconsistent information may result in the application being returned to you or the issuance of an ineligible grade for the position title. 
Please consider this application your initial job interview.  Be as descriptive as possible and add all you responsibilities/duties with an explanation. Click here for some helpful tips you can use when filling out the CMS 100.


Submit the completed CMS100 Employment Application and a legible photocopy of your official college transcripts directly to the agency contact person listed on the current job posting you are applying for. Follow the “how to apply” instructions on each job posting for detailed instructions.
CMS issues grades via US Postal mail to the applicants. The process can take a minimum of three weeks from CMS receipt of the application. Open Competitive grades are valid for one year. The applicant is responsible for notifying CMS of any address change if she/he moves during the course of the year.
CMS maintains eligible listings of qualified candidates by county preference indicated by the applicant. DCFS will requests the eligible listings by county from CMS to fill vacancies for which there are no eligible internal bidders.
All veterans who are identified as eligible candidates are contacted first to be scheduled for an interview. Non-veteran candidates are scheduled subsequently for interviews.


Click here to see some of the more frequently filled job titles at DCFS (not a reflection of current positions available). You may also click here for a list of current key vacancies by county. For current available vacancies please visit

Contact Us:

Individuals interested in employment with the Department of Children and Family Services with questions can contact the Office of Employee Services' Recruitment and Selection Unit for further information at the following:

Email the Office of Employee Services at:
Mailing Address
Office of Employee Services
406 E. Monroe, Sta. 373
Springfield, IL 62701
Phone:(217) 785-2586


Thank you for your interest in the
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.