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YouthCare Health Plan

YouthCare Health Plan

DCFS Youth are transitioning to a new managed care program called YouthCare on February 1, 2020. YouthCare has been selected to coordinate the physical health, behavioral health, dental and vision care for these youth. DCFS has worked in partnership with YouthCare to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible, without any disruptions to healthcare services.

DCFS Youth include youth in care and former youth in care. Former youth in care are youth under 21 years of age who were previously under the guardianship of DCFS prior to reunification, adoption or subsidized guardianship; or cases where juvenile court closed their case and the youth are no longer under the legal custody of DCFS.

Please refer to this site for updated information on YouthCare.

To read the Transition Plan for Illinois Child Welfare Medicaid Managed Care Implementation report, click here (1/3/2020)


Child Welfare Medicaid Managed Care Implementation Advisory Workgroup
The Child Welfare Medicaid Managed Care Implementation Advisory Workgroup was established by PA100-0646 to advise the department on the transition and implementation of managed care for children. To see the meeting schedules, membership list, meeting agendas and minutes, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions
For more information, read the Managed Care Fact Sheet.

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Notices to participants
Enrollment letter Sent to Former Youth in Care and Parenting Youth in Care (12/9/19)
Letter Sent to Foster Families (1/6/2020)
Letter Sent to Adoptive and Guardianship Families (1/6/2020)

Need help?
For health care coverage inquiries and dispute resolution, contact the Illinois DCFS Advocacy Office for Children and Families:
800-232-3798 or 217-524-2029
Fax: 217-557-7278

For general questions: