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Heart Gallery of Illinois – Children in Need of a Forever Family

For more information about these featured children, please call 800-572-2390 or 773-728-7800 or send an email to or


11, Female

Mary enjoys going to school, doing activities with friends, and engaging in sports and camps.​

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12, Male
Joshua has a laid back and easygoing personality. He describes himself as smart, nice, friendly and a person who likes to talk. Joshua added that he is also good at fixing stuff. Joshua likes to work on his fitness and eating healthier foods, but he still has a weakness for macaroni and cheese which is his favorite meal.
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14, Female
Adrianna is a preteen girl with a bright infectious smile. She loves being outside in the fresh air and thrives on activities where she receives one-on-one attention from an adult. Adrianna adores all types of animals. Adrianna can be very imaginative and daydreams about being able to live on the moon and have a pet unicorn.
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8, Male
Edwin is very athletic and enjoys keeping busy with extracurricular activities. His favorite sport is basketball and he likes gymnastics. When Edwin is relaxing he enjoys playing with Legos, coloring, listening to music, dancing, reading a good book and playing video games.
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11, Female
Aniyah likes to stay busy and do what she can to avoid boredom. She is active outside and loves riding her bike and swimming. She plays sports for fun, particularly soccer, kickball, volleyball and softball. She has never been on an official sports team, but would like to consider possibly joining one.
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13, Female
Tyunique is an outgoing and charismatic young lady who enjoys music, dancing and creating things with her hands, such as origami and slime. Tyunique also enjoys cooking, shopping, exercising and crafts; and is a huge fan of Hello Kitty.
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14, Male
Zachery is a friendly and outgoing child. He is a very loving individual and enjoys helping others in any capacity he can, including cleaning and cooking. Zachery loves Scooby-Doo cartoons and enjoys collecting Scooby Doo merchandise. Zachery enjoys running, playing and riding his bike outside.
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10, Male
Jacoyous is outgoing young man who displays self-confidence in all that he does. He is very loving and has a magnetic personality with a great sense of humor. He is very athletic and enjoys all sports. Jacoyous also has a fondness of animals and a special place in his heart for dogs. He is also an excellent dog walker!
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10, Male
Keegen is a sweet boy who enjoys playing outside and riding his bike. When he is not outside, Keegen loves to play with his favorite toy – Legos! Keegen also likes playing video games, going to the movies and out to dinner and playing at the park.
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11, Male
Michael loves spending his free time playing games. His current favorites are Pokémon, Minecraft, Roblox and almost any video game that can be played on a PlayStation. He also enjoys riding his bike and playing with cars and Legos. Michael is creative and good at building things.
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15, Female
Anngalina is a sweet girl who has a big personality. It can take her some time to warm up to new people, but once she feels comfortable she is talkative and energetic. She likes to sing and dance, and she wishes to be on the volleyball team.
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13, Male
Zashawn is an outgoing young teen who loves to make people laugh. He is happiest when playing Fortnite. He loves playing basketball and football as well. When Zashawn is older, he would like to work at a group home as a mentor for kids. He would also love to play professional basketball.
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​13, Male
Jaxson has a lot of energy and is very active. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include riding dirt bikes, regular bikes, four-wheelers, electric scooters, hoover boards and skateboards. Jaxson is a swimmer and prefers swimming in inground swimming pools, but will also swim in lakes and rivers.
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