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Children in Need of a Forever Family

For more information about these featured children, please call 800-572-2390 or 773-728-7800 or send an email to or


9, Female, Individual

Mary enjoys going to school, doing activities with friends, and engaging in sports and camps.​

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14, Male, individual

Jair, who likes to go by the name Alex, likes playing outside and playing basketball.

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​14, Male
Richard, who prefers to be called "Ricky," is a very affectionate young man and he has a happy go lucky attitude. At times Ricky can be quiet or shy. He is protective of the people he loves and loves being a big brother to his younger brother and sister.
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15, Male
This fun-loving teenager likes being active, playing sports and flying his drone. Trevor also enjoys spending time relaxing and listening to music, playing video games and watching movies. He has a love for all animals, but is particularly fond of dogs and has a preference for black Labradors. Trevor is friendly, outgoing and helpful.
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9, Male
Miles likes to be active and spend time outdoors. You can often find him playing sports like basketball or baseball or riding his bike with other children in the neighborhood. Miles likes dogs and cats and would be happy to have either (or both!) as a pet. In school, Miles is a good student and always tries his best.
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​Jamarie, Virgil and Ashantie

14, 13, 11; 2 Males, 1 Female; Sibling Group
Ashantie is a very loving, outgoing young lady who enjoys sports and loves to stay active. She currently plays point guard for her school basketball team and is looking forward to the start of a new season.Virgil is a sociable and lovable young man who loves to make others laugh! Jamarie is an outgoing and active young man. He loves to play sports and video games, go to the movies and most importantly rap…and he’s really good!
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6, Male
Perriyay is a very outgoing young man that loves to sing and dance. His favorite artist is the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. Perriyay has a flair for flavor and enjoys his dining experiences. He is very active and loves to stay busy with physical activities. In his spare time he enjoys video games and making people laugh.
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15, Male
David presents as quiet and shy. He is guarded and slow to warm in the company of strangers, and will only engage in limited conversation at first. David is very active and athletic, and enjoys a number of sports.
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15, Male
Austin is adventurous and loves being outdoors. Golfing, biking and playing basketball are his favorite sports. Remote control cars are cool too, according to Austin. He enjoys tending to animals, especially dogs, and building things such as a stable for horses.
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11, Male
You can often find this young man with his head in a book! Robertas has a huge passion for reading and when he finishes one book, is already asking for another. He is fond of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series and is currently making his way through the Harry Potter series.
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