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Children in Need of a Forever Family

For more information about these featured children, please call 800-572-2390 or 773-728-7800 or send an email to or


9, Female

Mary enjoys going to school, doing activities with friends, and engaging in sports and camps.​

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15, Male

Jair, who likes to go by the name Alex, likes playing outside and playing basketball.

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​13, Male
Travis is an outgoing, good-natured young man. He loves meeting new people and new animals! Travis would like to have a pet, whether it is a cat, guinea pig, turtle or tarantula. He would also like to try riding a horse or milking a cow on a farm. While Travis stated he is not the biggest fan of spending time outdoors, he does like fishing, riding his bike and playing basketball and football.
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11, Male
Julius is a confident, outgoing and fun-loving boy. He enjoys playing video games and reading, but he is most at home when he is able to enjoy the outdoors and be active. Julius loves to read Sports Illustrated and wants to learn how to play baseball.
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​Jamarie, Virgil and Ashantie

14, 13, 11; 2 Males, 1 Female; Sibling Group
Ashantie is a very loving, outgoing young lady who enjoys sports and loves to stay active. She currently plays point guard for her school basketball team and is looking forward to the start of a new season.Virgil is a sociable and lovable young man who loves to make others laugh! Jamarie is an outgoing and active young man. He loves to play sports and video games, go to the movies and most importantly rap…and he’s really good!
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15, Male
David presents as quiet and shy. He is guarded and slow to warm in the company of strangers, and will only engage in limited conversation at first. David is very active and athletic, and enjoys a number of sports.
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12, Male
Joshua has a laid back and easygoing personality. He describes himself as smart, nice, friendly and a person who likes to talk. Joshua added that he is also good at fixing stuff. Joshua likes to work on his fitness and eating healthier foods, but he still has a weakness for macaroni and cheese which is his favorite meal. Joshua stays active while playing basketball and learning martial arts.
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​Eric and Janine

14, 7; Female, Male
Janine describes herself as a friendly and respectful person who likes to socialize and take care of herself. Janine stays active by going for walks, riding her bike and playing volleyball. Eric is a sociable and active child who has fun playing outside doing numerous activities, including playing tag with friends, running around playgrounds and parks, riding his bike or scooter and going swimming.
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11, Female
Cee’onna is good at gymnastics and would love to join a gymnastics team so she can improve her skills and have fun. Cee’onna would also be interested in joining a sports team and likes playing soccer, volleyball and softball. Sports are not the only games she likes to play.

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12, Male
Jaxson has a lot of energy and is very active. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include riding dirt bikes, regular bikes, four-wheelers, electric scooters, hoover boards and skateboards. Jaxson is a swimmer and prefers swimming in inground swimming pools, but will also swim in lakes and rivers.
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14, Female
Adrianna is a preteen girl with a bright infectious smile. She loves being outside in the fresh air and thrives on activities where she receives one-on-one attention from an adult. Adrianna adores all types of animals. Adrianna can be very imaginative and daydreams about being able to live on the moon and have a pet unicorn.
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