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Client Rights and Responsibilities

Families involved with DCFS have the right to:
  • Receive quality services in a respectful manner without discrimination;
  • Make an informed choice of services;
  • Know the qualifications of staff who provide them with services;
  • Receive and understand information and instructions about their service needs;
  • Consent to or refuse services before they are provided;
  • Know the nature and purpose of services;
  • Refuse services, with the receipt of information on the consequences of refusal;
  • Be informed prior to any transfer or discharge from services;
  • Expect confidentiality of information and protection of their child welfare records;
  • Receive timely response to their needs along with reasonable continuity and coordination of services;
  • Know about charges for services;
  • Know how to voice any grievance about their services;
  • Receive services based on an individual service plan;
  • Be part of the process of updating the service plan when their needs change; and
  • Receive all services at DCFS or be referred to another agency.
Families involved with DCFS have the responsibility to:
  • Give accurate information about their mental health, substance use, and domestic violence issues as well as other circumstances which might impact upon the care of their children;
  • Assist by making and keeping a safe environment;
  • Notify the agency if scheduled appointments need to be changed;
  • Notify the agency if there is a change in your living arrangements;
  • Work with staff in planning, reviewing and changing their individual service plan; and
  • Inform staff immediately if they have any concerns or problems with the service they are receiving.
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