Sexual Harassment in Education Charge Information




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Sexual Harassment  

The Illinois Department of Human Rights takes and investigates charges of Sexual Harassment in Education.

It is normal to feel embarrassed and angry by unwanted, unflattering attention or demands.  However, you have a right to be free of sexual harassment in an educational institution.

Both males and females can be victims of sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment charges can be filed against:

      • An elementary, secondary, or higher education representative.
      • Examples of an education representative include an executive, faculty member, administrative staff member, or teaching assistant.
      • An institution of elementary, secondary, or higher education.   

Prohibited Actions 

The Illinois Human Rights Act prohibits sexual harassment in education in several situations, for example: 

  • An education representative.
      • To exhibit sexual behavior toward a student that:
        • Substantially interferes with the student's educational performance OR
        • Creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment. 
      • To require sexual favors as part of deciding student's:
        • Admission to the school or a particular course or program,
        • Quality of instruction,
        • Attendance or performance requirements and ratings,
        • Tuition and scholarship determinations,
        • Participation in extracurricular activities, or
        • Graduation or the degree received.  
  • An education institution.  To fail to stop an education representative from sexually harassing a student after being informed of the conduct.
  • Failure to post notice.  an institution of higher education in Illinois must provide students with information about state laws and policies prohibiting sexual harassment, and where complaints of sexual harassment may be filed.  The Notices for posting may be posted in common areas or provided at the time a student registers online for courses.   

Types Of Discrimination Covered 

      • Sexual Harassment
      • Retaliation - (for opposing unlawful discrimination)     

What The Department Cannot Do  

The Department cannot investigate Sexual Harassment in Education charges against the Federal Government or Federal Officials.

To File A Charge  

Submit a completed Sexual Harassment in Education Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) either in person or by mail.  If your allegations are covered under the Illinois Human Rights Act, a charge will be drafter for your signature.  A charge of Employment discrimination must be filed within 300 days of the alleged discrimination. 

Contact Information 

  • You may contact one of our offices directly:  

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