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Fair Housing for Municipalities 


Workshop Series

Furthering Opportunity:   How Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Requirements Affect Your Community and Responsibilities Under the Fair Housing Act

The Illinois Department of Human Rights, in partnership with Diversity, Inc., was awarded a year-long grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to develop and implement a training program for Illinois’ 47 entitlement communities.

The aim of the trainings was to provide local governments with the necessary information and tools so that they can be successful in moving their communities towards stable integration.  The training sessions targeted municipal officials and managers, as well as fair housing advocates, housing providers, other members of the housing industry, and other community members, leaders and stakeholders, including religious and civic leaders.  The goals of the training session were:  1) To publicize the HUD AFFH regulations; 2) To educate members of the community of the new requirements of the regulations; 3) To educate municipal officials, housing industry practitioners, and community members on best practices in moving towards a stable, integrated community; 4) to provide participants with an opportunity to discuss local housing issues specific to their communities, as well as possible solutions; and 5) To publicize IDHR and its resources, including educational and enforcement programs.

Check this page periodically for resources related to affirmatively furthering fair housing.

Fair Housing Month Proclamation

The Illinois Department of Human Rights is asking Illinois municipalities to issue a proclamation declaring April as Fair Housing Month.  This signifies the municipalities’ intention to recommit to the core values of the federal Fair Housing Act and the Illinois Human Rights Act, which call for fairness and the right to housing choice.  Once a municipality has issued a proclamation, we ask that you notify IDHR via the email address and send us a copy.

Please view a sample Fair Housing Month Proclamation for Municipalities.  Your support in this effort will help us inform Illinois residents to "Live Free Creating Equal Opportunity in Every Community"

Municipal Proclamations

Fair Housing Policy Statement

The Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) is asking municipalities to put a fair housing statement in clear public view on the homepage of their websites.  This action demonstrates the municipalities’ efforts to affirmatively further fair housing.  Please view a sample statement.  Once the statement has been placed on your website, we ask that you notify IDHR via the email address and send us a copy.  Participating municipalities will be added to a list of communities to be recognized for their efforts to support fair housing in IDHR’s fair housing month programs and publicity. 

Policy Statements

For More Information

For additional information, please contact us at  The Illinois Department of Human Rights takes and investigates charges of discrimination involving real estate transactions (rentals, sales, and other transactions) concerning both residential and commercial real property.  The Department also conducts fair housing training for home seekers, landlords, property owners, advertisers, and community organizations.  The department's IDHR Training division conducts training for government, private companies and community organizations throughout Illinois designed to increase respect among diverse cultures both in the workplace and at home. 

Additional Resources

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing  [ppt]
Fair Housing
IDHR Housing Intake Form (CIS)  [pdf]
IDHR Fair Housing Poster 8"x10"  [pdf]
HUD Fair Housing & Equal Opportunities Office
HUD Fair Housing Planning Guide
Fair Housing Toolkit for Developers, Municipalities and Others


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