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Financial Credit 

All financial institutions doing business in Illinois are prohibited from discriminating in the granting of commercial or personal loans, and credit cards.  The Illinois Department of Human Rights can investigate charges of Financial Credit discrimination filed against any bank, credit union, insurance company, mortgage banking company or savings and loan association.  

Prohibited Financial Activities 

It is against the law for financial institutions to discriminate by:

  • Denying or modifying services normally offered.
  • Denying or varying the terms of a loan, where:
      • A parcel of real estate offered as security is located in a specific geographical area;
      • The institution does not consider all of the rgular and dependable income of each person who would be liable for repayment of the loan;
      • Lending standards are used that have no economic basis.
  • Refusing to issue a credit card despite a proper application.     

Types Of Discrimination Covered 

      • Race
      • Color
      • Religion
      • National Origin
      • Ancestry
      • Military Status
      • Age - (40 and over)
      • Sex
      • Disability - (physical and mental)
      • Marital Status
      • Order of Protection Status
      • Sexual Orientation - (including gender-related identity)
      • Pregnancy - (including child birth, or related medical or common conditions)
      • Unfavorable Military Discharge    

What The Department Cannot Do 

The Department cannot investigate Financial Credit charges:

  • Based on political affiliations, personality conflicts, etc.
  • Against the federal government.   

To File A Charge 

Submit a completed Financial Credit Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) either in person or by mail.  If your allegations are covered under the Illinois Human Rights Act, a charge will be drafter for your signature.  A charge of Financial Credit discrimination must be filed within 300 days of the alleged discrimination.

NOTE: Allegations of discrimination related to a mortgage are covered by Fair Housing and must be filed within one year of the date of the alleged discrimination.  Please see the Fair Housing section of our website to obtain a Fair Housing Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) and additional information.  

Contact Information 

  • You may also contact our offices directly:   

    Chicago Office

    555 West Monroe Street
    7th Floor
    Intake Unit
    Chicago, IL 60661

    (312) 814-6200
    (866) 740-3953 (TTY)

    (312) 814-1436
    (FAX - Administration)

    (312) 814-6251
    (FAX - Charge Processing)


    Springfield Office

    535 West Jefferson Street
    1st Floor
    Intake Unit
    Springfield, IL 62702

    (217) 785-5100
    (866) 740-3953 (TTY)
    (217) 785-5106 (FAX)


The Department's brochure for Financial Credit is available as a downloadable pdf on the Publications page.