Charge Process

Mediation (optional) 

A mediation conference is an alternative to an investigation and may quickly resolve a charge.  Mediation is an informal, no-cost process in which the Complainant and Respondent meet voluntarily with a trained and certified IDHR mediator, who helps them explore possible resolution of the charge.  The mediation process is confidential and is available for all Chicago non-housing cases.

All mediation settlement conferences are held in the IDHR Chicago office in person or online/virtually.  During the mediation (which can take four hours or more), attorneys may be present in an advisory role.  The IDHR mediator does not impose a decision on the parties.

Accepting a settlement agreement does not constitute an admission of guilt by the Respondent.  The terms of settlement can include monetary and/or non-monetary elements.  After a mediation settlement is reached, both parties have 10 days (which may be waived) to opt out of the settlement.  If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the charge will proceed through to the investigation stage. 

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 Mediation Brochure 

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Case Status and File Review 

For information about the status of a pending charge or to
request to review a case file (file review is only available if
the investigation is not pending or active).
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