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Public Accommodations 

The Illinois Department of Human Rights investigates charges of Public Accommodations discrimination filed against: 

  • A business, recreation, lodging, entertainment, or transportation facility.
  • A public official.
  • A place of education.  

Prohibited Public Accommodations Actions 

 The Illinois Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination in several public settings, for example:

  • A place of public accommodation: To deny or refuse the full and equal enjoyment of facilities, goods and services.
  • A public official: To deny or refuse the full and equal enjoyment of the services or facilities under the official's care.
  • A place of education: To refuse to enroll, allow access to facilities, goods or services; or engage in or fail to take corrective action to stop severe or pervasive harassment.  

Types Of Discrimination Covered 

      • Race
      • Color
      • Religion
      • Sex
      • Sexual Harassment
      • National Origin
      • Ancestry
      • Military Status
      • Age - (40 and over)
      • Order of Protection Status
      • Disability - (physical and mental)
      • Marital Status
      • Sexual Orientation - (including gender-related identity)
      • Pregnancy - (including child birth, or related medical or common conditions)
      • Unfavorable Military Discharge
      • Retaliation - (for opposing unlawful discrimination)
      • Coercion / Aiding and Abetting - (helping or forcing a person to commit unlawful discrimination)  

What The Department Cannot Do 

The Department cannot investigate Public Accommodations charges:

  • Based on political affiliations, personality conflicts, etc., unless such actions are alleged to be discriminatory for one or more of the reasons listed above.
  • Alleging unfair actions within prison facilities because they are not places of public accommodations.
  • Against places of education related to curriculum content or course offerings.
  • Against the Federal Government or Federal Officials.   

To File A Charge 

Submit a completed Public Accommodations Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) either in person or by mail.  If your allegations are covered under the Illinois Human Rights Act, a charge will be drafter for your signature.  A charge of Public Accomodations discrimination must be filed within 300 days of the alleged discrimination. 

Contact Information 

  • You may contact one of our offices directly:     

    Chicago Office

    555 West Monroe Street
    7th Floor
    Intake Unit
    Chicago, IL 60661

    (312) 814-6200
    (866) 740-3953 (TTY)

    (312) 814-1436
    (FAX - Administration)

    (312) 814-6251
    (FAX - Charge Processing)

    Springfield Office

    535 West Jefferson
    1st Floor
    Intake Unit
    Springfield, IL 62702

    (217) 785-5100
    (866) 740-3953 (TTY)
    (217) 785-5106 (FAX)