COVID - 19 Alerts!

With the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, several of the Illinois Department of Human Rights’ procedures have been temporarily altered. While our offices are open, in accordance with the Center for Disease Control and the Illinois Department of Public Health recommendations, we are encouraging everyone to reach out and communicate with our offices via official and electronic email. For more information, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page on the IDHR's updated procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Para hispanohablantes, puede verLas Preguntas Frecuentes.  

Guidance Affirming Non-discrimination in Medical Treatment, including Administration of the COVID-19 Vaccine

This guidance is to affirm and suppement the State of Illinois' April 10, 2020 Guidance Relating to Non-Discrimination in Medical Treatment for Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).  Federal and State civil rights laws, including the Illinois Human Rights Act, prohibit discrimination in the delivery of healthcare and support the rendering of ethical, non-discriminatory decisions.  These principles have equal and ever-important application in the context of administering the COVID-19 vaccine.  

You may review the entire guidance in this document

Updated IDHR Procedures during COVID-19 Pandemic

How do I file a charge of discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic? Charges of discrimination can be filed during the COVID-19 pandemic by:

1)      Email: an IDHR Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) to:

2)      Fax:     an IDHR Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) to:  312-814-6251, Attn: Intake Unit

3)      Mail:   an IDHR Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) to:             

                Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR)
                Attn: Intake Unit
                100 W Randolph St, Ste. 10-100    Chicago, IL  60601

You may download an IDHR Complainant Information Sheets (CIS).  For more information, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page on the IDHR's updated procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Para hispanohablantes, puede ver Las Preguntas Frecuentes.  

Guidance on Workers' Rights and Safety

Federal and Illinois law require employers to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.  As Illinois continues through the Restore Illinois plan and regional mitigation measures, employers and employees are navigating difficult questions about how to maintain a safe and healthy workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic.  COVID-19 also has raised other employment-related questions involving issues such as pay and benefits, leave, and eligibility for unemployment insurance.

This guidance is intended to help both employers and employees educate themselves about minimum required workplace safety requirements, as well as best practices to promote a safe and well-functioning workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide guidance on some frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and the workplace.

Download the Updated Guidance on Workers' Rights Safety for more information.

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Non-Discrimination Guidance in Medical Treatment

Additionally, the IDHR released Guidance Relating to Non-discrimination in Medical Treatment for COVID-19.  You may review that guidance in this document.

FAQ for Businesses Concerning Use of Face Coverings During COVID-19

This FAQ is intended to provide guidance regarding the application of the face-covering requirement in Executive Order 2020-32 for businesses and other places of public accommodation subject to Article 5 of the Illinois Human Rights Act, 775 ILCS 5/

Download the FAQ for Businesses Concerning Use of Face-Coverings During COVID-19 program for more information. 

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