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If you are applying for an IDHR Employer Eligibility number for the first-time, the number expires five (5) years after the date of issue and may be renewed at that time for an additional $75.00 (non-refundable) fee.

To renew an existing IDHR Employer Eligibility Number, you must be currently registered with IDHR and have a valid IDHR Employer Eligibility Number.   The IDHR number must be set to expire within the next 6 months.   [Note:  when renewing an existing IDHR Employer Eligibility Number, the five-year renewal period begins to run upon processing the renewal, not upon the previous expiration date].

If your company has multiple locations with the same FEIN as the corporate headquarters, you cannot register first-time locations and/or renew locations through this website.   In order to register first-time locations or renew existing locations, the corporate headquarters for the company must submit a First Time/Renewal Employer Location(s) Report Form (PC-1A) for the location it wishes to register and/or renew via regular email for no additional fee.

In order to apply for or renew an IDHR Employer Eligibility Number through the E-Pay website, you must agree to IDHR's terms (Select the question mark [ ? ] adjacent to "Agree" on the E-Pay website to read the terms) and input the name and title of the person agreeing to IDHR's terms.   You will need the following:  

  1. Your FEIN number.
  3. An e-mail address where IDHR may contact you.
  5. The current address, telephone number, and number of employees employed by your company based upon the following racial categories: White male; White female; Black male; Black female; Hispanic male; Hispanic female; Asian/Pacific Islander male; Asian/Pacific Islander female; American Indian male; and American Indian female.   If your company's name or address changed, please notify the Public Contracts Unit at (312) 814-2431 or by Email.
  7. One of the following credit cards:  MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.
  9. A Sexual Harassment Policy.

    If you do not meet these conditions or are unable to complete this process, please contact our Public Contracts unit at (312) 814-2431 or by Email.


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  10. You will receive an e-mail from E-pay indicating whether your credit card transaction was completed or failed.   If you receive an email stating that your transaction failed, you must submit a First Time/Renewal Employer Report Form (PC-1) via regular mail with an acceptable form of payment to IDHR or complete the on-line process again, with new credit card information.   [Note:   Receipt of an e-mail indicating that your credit card transaction has been completed does not mean that you have been issued an IDHR Employer Eligibility Number or that the Number has been renewed.   A transaction is deemed filed when the IDHR Chicago Office receives notification of an approval.   See Step 7 below].

  11. If your credit card transaction is successful, you will receive an e-mail from the IDHR Public Contracts Unit within 3-5 business days informing you of your new IDHR Employer Eligibility Number and expiration date and/or that your IDHR Employer Eligibility Number has been renewed and providing you with your new expiration date.   This e-mail will be your proof that your IDHR Employer Eligibility Number has been renewed.
    For more information, or if vendors wish to update their contact or EEO information, please contact the Public Contracts Unit by Email.   The Public Contracts Unit can also be contacted at the following telephone numbers:


(312) 814-2431 (telephone)
(312) 814-2397 (facsimile)