Where To Start - Public Contracts

If your business or company has an existing IDHR Number, DO NOT create a New Account in the new, online system. Your account has been established in the ELP portal with your recent history; check your registered email for set-up instructions.

There are several kinds of registrations or online actions you may wish to take, depending on your status. Please read carefully through the five sections below to identify which transaction or registration you need. 

If you are a Primary Business Location or Headquarters seeking:

This is for primary businesses or headquarters seeking to obtain a first-time registration and new IDHR Eligibility Number.

This is for primary businesses of headquarters seeking to renew a current or existing IDHR Eligibility Number.

NOTE: If you have a previous IDHR Number that has lapsed (beyond 30 days from expiration) and wish to renew, see

  • "Reinstate and Renew" link below!"

    If you have a current Eligibility Number and need to register or renew another business LOCATION:

    This is for businesses with an additional employee location seeking to newly register that location in connection with the primary business's current IDHR Eligibility Number.

    This is for businesses with an additional employee location seeking to RENEW registration of that location in connection with the primary business's current IDHR Eligibility Number.

    Update Your Registration - Account Maintenance:

    (All account maintenance transactions require an existing IDHR Number and online account set-up first. NOTE: If you have a current, valid IDHR Number, check your email address on record with IDHR to find your account set-up information. Only create a New Account online if you are a NEW applicant.)

    Process a Company Name Change Request

    Process a Company Address Change Request

    Relinquish your IDHR Number

    Reinstate and Renew an Expired IDHR Number

    (NOTE: The above option is for businesses whose prior IDHR Number has expired and that expiration date is beyond 30 days - if within 30 days form an expired IDHR Number, use the PC1 or PC1-A Renewal option.)

    Reactivate an IDHR Number

    (NOTE: The above option is for businesses whose IDHR Number has been de-activated or relinquished within its period of validity,  who would like to reactive it. This is NOT for businesses seeking a standard renewal.)

    ELP User Guide

    View and download IDHR's User Guide for the new Enterprise Licensing and Permitting (ELP) portal

    Still not sure where to start?

    Contact IDHR's Public Contracts Unit team at the email address with your question - or you may contact IDHR with the address or phone number below. We will respond to inquiries as soon as possible! 

    Public Contracts Unit
    Illinois Department of Human Rights
    555 West Monroe Street
    7th Floor
    Chicago, IL  60661
    (312) 814-2431 (telephone)
    (312) 814-1436 (facsimile)