Services Provided by IDHR


In addition to being an enforcement agency, IDHR also provides a number of services and works in partnership with companies, agencies, organizations and individuals to provide:  

Public Contracts:  All employees and companies that wish to do business with any state entity in Illinois must register through the Public Contracts Unit to ensure that they have implemented equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies and are in compliance with the Illinois Human Rights Act and Human Rights Rules & Regulations.  This unit also helps business and state agencies develop sexual harassment prevention policies and affirmative action plans

IDHR Training:  The Institute for Training and Development (“Institute”) conducts, throughout Illinois, training designed to increase respect among diverse cultures both in the workplace and at home.  Using real-life scenarios, certified trainers provide information on fair employment laws and practices, ways to resolve conflict through better understanding, and non-discrimination requirements such as sexual harassment prevention. Handouts are supplied for independent study and on-the-job reference tools.  The Institute is approved by the HR Certification Institute and offers training modules for HR Certification.  Both public and private sessions are offered.  Fees may apply to on-site training. For more information or to schedule training, call (312) 814-2477.