Planning Development Facility Guides

Outdoor Recreation Facilities Planning Guide
The intent of this publication is to provide background information, identify standards and share recommendations for communities considering the construction or rehabilitation of outdoor recreation facilities. While this publication is primarily a technical manual, it also provides information on site development issues. Categories include: recommended area, dimensions, orientation, surfaces, drainage, anticipated costs, irrigation, lighting, fencing, landscaping, parking, maintenance, accessibility, and design considerations.
This guide provides information and assistance in the planning, design, installation and maintenance of public playgrounds. The goal is to develop playgrounds that are fun, challenging and safe. As part of a comprehensive planning process, this guide will assist local governmental agencies that have minimal or no permanent staff, as well as community groups with limited knowledge or experience in developing a public playground that meets the safety, developmental, and recreational needs of playground users.
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National Park Service Canoe Launch Development Guide
This publication offers guidance in designing canoe and kayak launches for a variety of access sites. Descriptions, designs, and photos of launches are grouped into eleven chapters, according to type, with focus on the point of entry onto the water. Resources for comprehensive designs for access facilities and legal issues are provided.
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This guide is provided to assist units of local government in Illinois with a small staff or no permanent staff at all, in preparing a park and recreation plan for their jurisdiction. The guide is designed to be easily followed by local agency staff and/or a designated group, such as an appointed planning team, given the responsibility for preparing a plan.
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A Guide to Boating and Canoe Access Development in Illinois
This guide is provided primarily for small, local government agencies in Illinois that are considering the development of a boat or canoe access facility for their agency. As the State, through a program managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, provides funding for many of these facilities, it was considered appropriate to develop this publication to improve the usefulness, safety, and cost efficiency of boat and canoe access facilities in Illinois.
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