List Review and Revision - ESTACs

Endangered Species Technical Advisory Committees
To assist with the review and revision of the Illinois List, the Board has established Endangered Species Technical Advisory Committees (ESTACs) comprising individuals with expertise in the following taxonomic groups: plants, mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, fish, terrestrial invertebrates, and aquatic invertebrates.  During the list revision process, the ESTACs convene to review available data on listed species and discuss additional species for which listing may be warranted.  The committees vote on recommendations for changes to the List and members submit petitions to the Board in support of these recommendations.  The ESTACs are also available to advise the Board on endangered and threatened species issues, such as conservation measures and research needs.

The appointment of ESTAC members for the 2020 revision process was approved by the Board at the following meetings:  Bird ESTAC, 170th meeting; Fish and Amphibian/Reptile ESTACs, 172nd meeting; Terrestrial and Aquatic Invertebrate ESTACs, 173th meeting; Mammal ESTAC, 174th meeting; Plant ESTAC, 176th meeting.  The composition of the ESTACs will be reviewed at the beginning of each subsequent list revision.  Anyone who wishes to be considered as an ESTAC member may contact the Board at  The request should include the name of the specific ESTAC, a statement explaining the interest in serving, and a resume or curriculum vitae, if available. 

The following table includes agendas and minutes for all ESTAC meetings during the 2020 list review and revision.  Because of the large number of listed plant species, the Plant ESTAC held regional meetings to discuss plants of northern, central and western, and southern Illinois.  Individuals with local botanical expertise were invited to attend the regional meetings.






February 6, 2019​

Plant Agenda          (wrap-up meeting)

Plant Minutes*

(wrap-up meeting)


November 9, 2018​

Plant Agenda     ​ (southern species)

Plant Minutes​

(southern species)


August 24, 2018

Plant Agenda   
(northern species)

Plant Minutes   (northern species) 


May 25, 2018

Plant Agenda (central/western species)

Plant Minutes    (central/western species)


September 21, 2017

Mammal Agenda

Mammal Minutes*

​​Terrestrial Invertebrate

​May 15, 2017

Terrestrial Invertebrate Agenda​​

Terrestrial Invertebrate Minutes*

Aquatic Invertebrate

​May 2, 2017​

​​Aquatic Invertebrate Agenda

Aquatic Invertebrate Minutes*


April 12, 2017

Fish Agenda 

Fish Minutes*

Amphibian/Reptile (Herp)

​March 1, 2017

Amphibian/Reptile Agenda

Amphibian/Reptile    Minutes*


September 29, 2016​

Avian Agenda​

Avian Minutes*

*ESTACs are not public bodies that make policy decisions; these minutes were approved by the ESPB.