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The Illinois List Review and Revision

Under the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act, the Board is responsible for maintaining the Illinois List of Endangered and Threatened Species. The Illinois List is reviewed and revised as necessary, but no less often than every five years.  The first Illinois List was published in 1981.  Since then, there have been eight five-year reviews and revisions of the entire List, as well as some administrative and editorial revisions, resulting in the current (2020) Illinois List of 486 endangered and threatened species (153 animal and 333 plant species).

By law, changes to the Illinois List must be based on scientific evidence.  Factors that are considered when evaluating a species include changes in population size, changes in range in the state, whether it occurs at protected sites, any known threats to its existence, as well as features of its life history which might have a bearing on survival.  The Board may remove from the Illinois List any non-federally-listed species for which it finds satisfactory scientific evidence that its wild or natural populations are no longer endangered or threatened in Illinois.  A public hearing is held to consider the Board’s action of listing, delisting, or changing the listing status of a species. 

Please refer to the links below for more information about the Illinois List and the review and revision process.


The following Board publication includes a review of the history of the Illinois List of Endangered and Threatened Species:  The Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act at Forty: a Review of the Act’s Provisions and the Illinois List of Endangered and Threatened Species. 


The Board's authority to make changes to the Illinois List, definitions of "Endangered" and "Threatened", and criteria for listing and reasons for delisting species.

A walk-through of the required 5-year review and revision of the Illinois List of Endangered and Threatened Species.

How to participate in the List review process or make recommendations to the Board for changes to the Illinois List.

The Next Review and Revision of the Illinois List

The Board will begin conducting separate and staggered reviews and revisions of the Illinois List of Endangered and Threatened Animals and the Illinois List of Endangered and Threatened Plants, respectively.

The 2020 Illinois List of Endangered and Threatened Species Review

Follow the links below for information about the next reviews and revisions, including anticipated schedules and information about the ESPB petition process and forms for recommending changes to the Illinois List.  Additional information about the next and future reviews and revisions will be posted as it becomes available.