Trout Park

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From Elgin at jct. I-90 (Northwest Tollway) & Hwy. 25 (Dundee Avenue), take Dundee Avenue south 1 block to Trout Park Boulevard, then west 1 block to Trout Park. The nature preserve is in the park.

Trout Park represents unique aspects of the glacial features of the Fox River valley in northeastern Illinois. The undisturbed woodlands extend from dry bluff tops to moist depressions located lower on the slopes. The bluff tops support bur oak and white oak, while red oak, basswood, white ash and witch hazel occur on the slopes. Near the base of the slopes, the woods are dominated by sugar maple, blue ash, chinquapin oak and rock elm. The steep bluffs are bisected by two ravines formed by converging springs and seeps. The diverse topography, coupled with the calcareous nature of the water, combine to provide habitat for a rich and unique assemblage of plants and animals. Dr. Henry C. Cowles, President of the Wild Flower Preservation Society of America, wrote in 1923: "The wonderful group of arbor vitae in Trout Park. . . is one of the most notable plant colonies in Illinois. I have long known of the place and love it for its beautiful springs and evergreens. There is no place like it in the whole state." Dr. Cowles was, of course, referring to the arbor vitae that occur along the springs and seeps and in shallow depressions at the base of the slopes. These cool, calcareous and moist sites also support a rich variety of plants and animals. Notable plants include marsh marigold, bulbous cress, American black currant, butternut, swamp saxifrage and great Angelica. In addition, the cold and clear streams of Trout Park support a rich variety of aquatic life including seven species of caddis flies found nowhere else in the entire state.

City of Elgin
December 1972
26 acres in two parcels
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Contact: City of Elgin, 150 Dexter Court, Elgin, IL 60120 (708/695-6500)

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