Barrington Bog

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From the intersection of Highway 59 and Highway 22 in North Barrington, take Highway 59 north 1.75 miles to Grandview Drive (Grandview Drive is just north of Miller Road). Turn northeast on Grandview Drive and go 0.25 mile. The preserve is west of the road.

This preserve contains fine examples of graminoid bog, sedge meadow and marsh, of the Morainal Section of the Northeastern Morainal Natural Division. Enclosing the site are moraine ridges, which rise twenty to fifty feet above the basin. The bog is completely landlocked with no streams flowing into or away from it. Characteristic bog plants present include dwarf birch, buckbean, marsh cinquefoil, smooth white violet, hoary willow, bog willow, large cranberry, bog bedstraw and downy willow herb. The sedge meadows are dominated by tussock sedge with Joe Pye weed, marsh bellflower, and swamp aster as subdominants. The small cattail marsh is made up of common cattail and bur reed. The Baltimore checkerspot, a butterfly whose range in Illinois is restricted to a few colonies in the northern counties, also occurs here.

Citizens for Conservation
March 1988
41 acres
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Contact: Citizens for Conservation, P.O. Box 435, Barrington, IL 60011 (708/382-7283)

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