Highmoor Park

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Location and Access: 
In Highland Park from the jct. of Rt. 22 (Half Day Rd.) and Ridge Rd., head south on Ridge Rd. for 0.5 mile and turn left (east) into the parking lot on the northwest corner of the preserve.

Special Note: A wood chip trail provides access to the preserve. A trail is planned to connect the Highmoor Park Nature Preserve and Hybernia Nature Preserve trail systems.

Highmoor Park is a 10.5 acre mosaic of several plant communities contiguous to Hybernia Nature Preserve. These two preserves share a common border and are part of the same drainageway with water flowing from Highmoor Park into the Hybernia wetlands. Highmoor Park contains mesic, wet-mesic, and wet prairies, sedge meadows, and wet and mesic open savanna remnants. Big bluestem, Michigan lily, Scribner's panic grass, marsh blazing star, small sundrops and golden alexander highlight the prairie communities. The sedge meadows are characterized by tussock sedge, Virginia wild rye, bluejoint grass, fowl manna grass and blue flag. The savanna communities are dominated by oaks, including bur, white, black and Hill's oaks with blue beech and hazelnut in the understory. Woodland brome and Pennsylvania sedge grow on the woodland floor with many forbs such as sky-blue aster, shooting star and starry false solomon's seal.

Park District of Highland Park
June 1991
10.5 acres with buffer
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Highland Park
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Contact: Park District of Highland Park, West Ridge Center, 646 Ridge Rd., Highland Park, IL 60035 (708/831-0818)

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