Cotton Creek Marsh

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From jct. Hwy. 176 and Roberts Road in Island Lake (on the county line), go northwest 0.3 mi.on Hwy. 176. The nature preserve is southwest of the highway.

Special Note: Access to this preserve is by permission only.

Cotton Creek Marsh contains 247 acres of high quality wetland on the Fox River floodplain in the Northeastern Morainal Natural Division. Besides the marsh, the other natural communities present at Cotton Creek are sedge meadow, low gradient creek, wet prairie, fen and successional fields. The marsh constitutes the majority of the area and is the most attractive feature. Sedges, cattails, bulrushes, common burreed, sweet flag, water knotweed, and common arrowhead are dominant plants in this community. The marsh grades into sedge meadow where vegetation from both communities overlap. The sedge meadow is dominated by tussock sedge and blue-joint grass. Sandhill cranes regularly nest in this preserve.

McHenry County Conservation District
September 1982
249.069 acres
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Contact: McHenry County Conservation District, 6512 Harts Road, Ringwood, IL 60072 (815/678-4431)

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