Oakwood Hills Fen

Nature Preserve Area: 
Location and Access: 
In Oakwood Hills, go north on Lakeshore Drive (on the east side of Silver Lake) to the end. The nature preserve is to the north.

Special Note: A vehicle entrance to the park is at the northwest corner off North Park Road.

Oakwood Hills Fen represents presettlement conditions of the Morainal Section of the Northeastern Morainal Natural Division. Its natural communities, determined by soil and moisture gradients, consists of graminoid fen, calcareous seep and sedge meadow. The seeps and fens along the stream support several unusual plant species such as grass-of-Parnassus, fringed gentian, sterile sedge and northern bog orchid. Sloping peat areas contain cotton sedge and bog valerian, while more alkaline seepages support twig rush, tufted hair grass and hair beak rush. This nature preserve is represented on two topo maps, Wauconda and Barrington.

Village of Oakwood Hills
March 1986
14.819 acres with buffer
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Contact: McHenry County Conservation District, 6512 Harts Road, Ringwood, IL 60072 (815/338-1405).

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