Gooseberry Island

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This preserve is an island and is best reached by boat. From the boat access point at the bridge over the Kankakee River in Aroma Park launch a boat and head downstream (west). After going 0.25 mile the Iroquois River joins the Kankakee River. Head upstream (south) on the Iroquois for 0.5 mile. The preserve is the island.
This island in the Iroquois River is known for its exceptionally large trees and essentially undisturbed forest communities. Individuals of sugar maple, hackberry, green ash, bur oak and red oak in excess of 30 inches in diameter are growing here. The inaccessibility of the site apparently prevented logging and other types of disturbances from occurring. Certain plant species such as redbud appear to be at the northern limits of their ranges. The island also has a rich herbaceous flora, including toothwort, wild ginger, green dragon, waterleaf, woodland phlox and starry Solomon's seal. Over 70 plant species are currently known from the island.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
August 1989
13.7 acres

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Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Natural Heritage Biologist, Silver Springs State Park, 13608 Fox Road, Yorkville, 60560