Mattiessen Dells

Nature Preserve Area: 
La Salle
Location and Access: 
This preserve is located within Matthiessen State Park along the deep sandstone canyon which is a prominent feature of the site.

The "Dells" area within Matthiessen State Park lies within the Grand Prairie Section of the Grand Prairie Division. The most common forest type in the area is characterized by white oak, black oak, white ash, black walnut, and American elm. Shrubs such as witch hazel, prickly ash, chokeberry and black haw are present in the understory. A relatively undisturbed sandstone cliff community present within the nature preserve contains plant species more commonly found in northern climates, including white pine, Canada yew, northern white cedar, marginal wood fern and Canada mayflower. Several bird species are known to inhabit the site, including the blue-gray gnatcatcher, ovenbird, scarlet tanager,
red-eyed vireo and wood thrush.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
June 1991
86.4 acres

Topo Map: LaSalle 7.5

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Topo Map: 
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Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Natural Heritage Biologist, Jubilee College State Park, 13921 West Route 150, Brimfield, IL 61517 (309/446-9181)