Stubblefield Woodlots

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From Funk's Grove, take the county road going north out of town 1/4 mile. The preserve is on the east side of the road.

Stubblefield Woodlots contains a mesic upland forest representative of the Grand Prairie Natural Division. This Division once supported several prairie groves which were isolated tracts of timber completely surrounded by a sea of prairie grasses and forbs. Stubblefield Woodlots is located within one of these old groves known as Funk's Grove. Prior to settlement Funk's Grove contained over 3,000 acres of forest. Today the grove has been reduced to 1,000. The dominant trees in the area are sugar maple (the original surveyors named the tract "Sugar Grove") and white oak. Many of the white oaks and bur oaks are significant, as they are well over four feet in diameter. The preserve also supports many colorful woodland wildflowers such as bluebells, trout lily, phlox and trillium. Over 53 species of birds have been observed in the forest, some of which are forest interior breeding species. Many mammals also reside here. A few common species are deer, fox squirrel, and red fox.

Sugar Grove Foundation
August 1987
Two tracts of 5.2 acres and 6.6 acres
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Funks Grove
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Sugar Grove Foundation, Sugar Grove Nature Center, 4532 N. 725 East Road, McLean, Illinois 61754 (309-874-2174,