Roberts Cemetery Savanna

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Location and Access: 
Take the Highway 108 exit from I-55. Turn south on the eastern frontage road along I-55 and go 1.5 miles. Turn east on a county road (1750 north) and go 2 miles to a "T" intersection. Turn south at the "T" on a county road (500 east). Go 0.25 mile south and turn east at the first side road. Follow the road until it curves. Park on the curve, the preserve is on the east side of the road.

Special Note: The preserve is fenced, entrance is through a gate at the southwest corner.

Roberts Cemetery Savanna contains one acre of mesic savanna vegetation once typical of the Effingham Plain Section of the Southern Till Plain Natural Division. This lone acre, protected from the plow and disturbance since the cemetery's first burial in 1807, represents about 50% of the total high quality savanna remaining in this natural division. Savannas are characterized as prairies interspersed with trees. Due to periodic fires the community retains a canopy cover of 10 to 50%, almost totally lacks a sapling layer, and is dominated by prairie grasses and herbs. The Roberts Cemetery Savanna is dominated by little bluestem, Indian grass and New Jersey tea, while big bluestem and coneflower are abundant. Mature post oak, blackjack oak and shingle oak are common at the edge of the cemetery. Current management practices taking place at Roberts Cemetery Savanna include prescribed burning.

Montgomery County Board
July 1987
1.7 acres
Topographic Quad: 
Pontiac Southeast
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Montgomery County Board, Paul Hamerock, Chairman, Montgomery County Courthouse, Hillsboro, IL 62049;Larry Simmons, Roberts Cemetery Association, R.R.#3, Box 310, Litchfield, IL 62056;(217/785-8686)