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From Interstate 55, take IL Route 9 west to the Mackinaw River State Fish and Wildlife Area near the Village of Mackinaw. The preserve lies within this site.

This site along the Mackinaw River was established to protect the habitat of the heart-leaved plantain which inhabits the gravel beds of the tributaries of the river. This plant once grew in 20 counties, but its populations have declined precipitously, and it is now known from only four counties. The populations in the stream beds at ParkLands are located within forests. These forests are beneficial to the plantain because they reduce erosion and slow the runoff of water during rains. Although these forests are not old growth, they do contain a high diversity of woody and herbaceous plant species. The Mackinaw River, at this location, is very scenic and its waters are clear as they flow over sand and gravel.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
April 1990
40 acres
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Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Jubilee College State Park, District Natural Heritage Biologist, 13921 W. Route 150, Brimfield, Illinois 61517 (309-446-9181).