American Beech Woods

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From Marshall, take Hwy. 1 south 4.5 mile to Lincoln Trail State Park. The preserve is located within Lincoln Trail State Park, just east of the picnic area on the eastern side of Lincoln Trail Lake.

Prior to settlement by Europeans, the uplands along the lower Wabash River contained mesic forest more typical of the eastern United States. American beech, tulip tree and sugar maple are common in the uplands and are particularly abundant in the ravines. American Beech Woods, named after the dominant tree species, contains old second growth beech-maple forest. Common woody understory trees are blue beech and ironwood, while herbaceous plants include hepatica, showy orchid, beech drops and squaw root. The latter two plants are unusual because they lack chlorophyll. To obtain food beech drops parasitizes the American beech and squaw root lives on decaying matter.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
June 1985
20.5 acres
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Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Natural Heritage Biologist, 1660 W. Polk Avenue, Charleston, IL 61920 (217/345-2420) or Site Superintendent, Lincoln Trail State Park, R.R.1, Box 117, Marshall, IL. 62441 (217/826-2222)