Doris Westfall Prairie Restoration

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8.5 miles south of Danville, in Forest Glen County Park

Mesic and dry-mesic prairie restoration of the Vermilion River Section of the Wabash Border Natural Division. Doris Westfall Prairie Restoration was planted starting in 1972 under the leadership of Doris Westfall, a long-time prairie enthusiast from Danville. The memory of prairie chickens booming and prairie flowers blooming near her childhood farm home inspired Doris to recreate a native prairie landscape.  This 40-acre mesic and dry-mesic prairie restoration is representative of prairies that were formerly more widepsread in the Vermilion River Section of the Wabash Border Natural Division.  This is one of the finest prairie restorations in central Illinois.  It harbors over 110 native plant species and numerous types of wildlife.

Vermilion County Conservation District, 22296-A Henning Rd., Danville 61834 (217/442-1691)
June 1998
40.0 acres nature preserve
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