Howard's Hollow Seep

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Location and Access: 
The preserve lies within Forest Glen County Preserve. From the junction of Hwy. 1 and blacktop road 1200 N in Westville, turn east on blacktop road and go east and south 5.5 miles, then turn and go east 1.8 miles to Forest Glen County Preserve. Turn north into Forest Glen, take the main park road north and west, past the Meadowlark Shelter, toward the Sycamore Hollow campus. After crossing Willow Creek, go 400 ft. to a sharp west curve in the road just before the Sycamore Hollow campus. From here, walk on Willow Creek trail 800 ft. north of the road to the preserve. Willow Creek trail passes through the preserve and on the west side of the seep.

Howard's Hollow Seep is a 1-acre wetland opening nestled within extensive forested hills. The preserve occupies a dissected ravine formed by Willow Creek and the seep occurs on a broad, gentle, lower slope just west of Willow Creek. The surrounding mesic and dry-mesic upland forest occurs on moderate to steep slopes underlain by glacial till. This interesting seep occurs on saturated, mucky soils that support a variety of wetland plants such as skunk cabbage, golden ragwort, marsh marigold, marsh fern, spotted touch-me-not and several types of sedge. Trees and shrubs found scattered throughout the seep include pussy willow, sandbar willow, American elm and green ash. Many resident and migrating birds are found within the vicinity of the seep.

Vermilion County Conservation District
December 1990
30 acres
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Danville Northwest
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Vermilion County Conservation District, R.R. 1, Box 215, Danville, IL 61832 or Forest Glen Preserve, R.R. 1, Box 495A, Westville, IL 61883 (217/662-2142)