Russell M. Duffin

Nature Preserve Area: 
Location and Access: 
From Westville, follow main blacktop road east and south 5 miles, then turn and go east 1 mile to Forest Glen Conservation Area. The nature preserve is in the conservation area.

Special Note: Russell M. Duffin is along the Vermilion River just west of the Indiana State line within the Forest Glen County Park. A small self-guiding nature trail exists near the western edge.

The preserve is located in the steeply dissected section of the Wisconsinan glacial till plain within the drainage basin of the Vermilion River. Most of the slopes and ravines are wooded and rich in herbaceous vegetation. The beech-maple forest represents a climax deciduous forest of northeastern United States, being well developed in Indiana and eastward, but found in Illinois only in the extreme eastern and southern parts. Over 40 other tree species are represented in this community, while 160 species of birds, 15 species of mammals, 13 species of herptiles and 26 species of fish from the Vermilion River, have been recorded. Russell Duffin was one of the leaders in the establishment of the Vermilion County Conservation District.

Vermilion County Conservation District
October 1970
160 acres
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Danville Southeast
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Vermilion County Conservation District, Forest Glen County Preserve, 20301 E. 900 North Road, Westville, IL 61883 (217/662-2142) or at